REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: January 19 – 30, 2015



Jan. 30, David and Sandra Dolinsky sold 14 Trail’s End Rd. to Richard and Louise Treitman for $2,100,000.


Jan. 20, MVKP LLC sold Lot B on Mullen Way to Robert J. and Lisa Drew for $550,000.

Jan. 22, Hawsepiper LLC sold 115 Pease’s Point Way N. to Blake C. and Sevda Kleinman for $4,425,000.

Jan. 22, Mark and Bridget Towey sold 15 Pinehurst Rd. to William H. and Elizabeth K. Sherry for $204,000.

Jan. 29, Jo-Ann Taylor sold 5 Windsor Drive to Thomas A. Denicola, Jr. and Rebecca M. Denicola for $425,000.

Jan. 29, Nora’s Meadow LLC sold 8 Nora’s Lane to Stephen F. and Anne Sargent Arcano for $720,000.

Jan. 29, Joshua M. Flanders and Christopher C. Flanders, trustees of Patricia R. Flanders 2009 Trust, sold 113 South Water St. to Vivek and Anne Kushwaha for $1,900,000.

Jan. 30, Carbon LLC, f/k/a NOG LLC, and Carol A. Lattman sold 20 S. Summer St. to 20 South Summer LLC for $2,550,000.

Jan. 30, Tara Capuano sold 10 Codman Spring Rd. to Roundabout Holding LLC for $840,000.

Jan. 30, Philip H. DeFord and Sheila Ann Cosgrove sold 94 Pease’s Point Way South to HHC One Massasoit LLC for $1,300,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 20, Thomas W. Creato and Timothy F. Creato sold 2 Windfarm Circle to Celiomar P. DeOliveira and Katya O. Deyette for $450,000.

Jan. 20, Thomas W. Creato sold 203 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Rd. to Timothy F. Creato for $90,457.

Jan. 23, Kay L. Ferguson sold 140 Vineyard Ave. to Orchid Motahari for $370,000.

Jan. 26, Terrance P. Riley, trustee of JNC Trust, sold 41 Dudley Ave. to Michael Metcalf Chapman, trustee of Michael Metcalf Chapman 2006 Revocable Trust, for $264,000.

Jan. 29, Irene Rasmussen, trustee of Unit No. 4, 21 Kennebec Condominium Realty Trust, sold Unit 4, 21 Kennebec Ave. to Linda G. Mason for $456,000.

Jan. 29, Mark E. Baumhofer sold 61C Ocean Ave. to Irene Rasmussen, trustee of Unit No 4, 21 Kennebec Condominium Realty Trust, for $436,800.

Jan. 30, Helen P. and Keith A. Maciolek sold 79 Pennacook Ave. to Martin D. and Ezia M. Leach for $535,000.


Jan. 21, Brenda and Laurence Prusak sold 81 Hilltop Rd. to Stephen and Louise Berry and Robert and Martha Kvaal for $266,667.

Joanne Coffin Clark, a/k/a Joanne C. Clark, sold 15 Spring St. to Michael V. and Dawn M. Friscia for $580,000.

Jan. 30, Peyton Wallace sold 109 Franklin Terrace to Jarret F. Brissette for $530,000.

Jan. 30, Maryellen Zieziula sold 13 Reynold’s Lane to Theodore S. Jick, trustee of Noah’s Ark Realty Trust, for $649,000.