Whatever the Outcome hosts a magnetic time at The Ritz

Thirty members of the crowd placed the various sections of Dave Miller's painting on a magnetic wall at The Ritz. — Photo courtesy of Geoff Parkhurs

Storm Juno put the kibosh on Whatever the Outcome’s (WTO) interactive painting exhibition, “Sinners and Saints,” scheduled at The Ritz for Jan. 27. But supporters of both West Tisbury artist Dave Miller and WTO founder Craig Miner were undeterred, and showed up in droves on the rescheduled night of Feb. 4, many toting one of 30 sections of Mr. Miller’s painting in decorative sleeves. In the spirit of the exhibition’s title, several attendees came in costumes denoting good or evil.

A huge sheet of metal stood upright behind The Ritz’s pool table, with a mosaic of decorative magnets placeholding for Mr. Miller’s painting. In the lead-up to assembling the painting, Mr. Miner cleared away the mosaic and distributed the remaining painting panels throughout the crowd. He then summoned everyone to the billiard room, and asked those with panels to unsleeve them. One by one, audience members affixed their panels, which were magnetic, onto the metal sheet. Interpreting, by trial and error, how the panels should be arranged to form Mr. Miller’s painting made for a lot of fun.

Mr. Miller’s assembled painting, evocative at once of Bosch, Milton, and Ensor, depicted both him and his wife, Jessica, amid fantastical imagery tinged with the infernal.

“The reason we chose Dave is that he’s a great artist — he’s really interesting and passionate,” said Mr. Miner in a telephone interview with The Times. “We wanted to do a heaven and hell landscape kind of thing — something a little darker. Dave committed full force. He really was an inspiration to me.”

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For more information about Dave Miller, visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/john.d.miller.39.