Repairs to Beach Road water main Thursday completed

Work was scheduled to coincide with low tide in the harbor area. The timely repair may help avoid a larger problem in the future.

Beach Road, between Xtra Mart and Lagoon Pond Bridge, will be closed from 8:30 - 2:30 on Thursday, February 26 due to water main repair. Water service will also be shut in the area. — Photo by Michael Cummo

Updated 11:30 am, Thursday

Tisbury Water Works crews repaired a leak in a water main along Beach Road Thursday. The work left area businesses without water service for a short time in the morning.

The pipe is located in the vicinity of the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard. The discovery of the leak helped avoid a much bigger problem, one water works employee said. The repair schedule was timed to coincide with low tide, so groundwater will not complicate the work.

On Wednesday, water works employees distributed flyers that told residents and businesses of the disruption, and advised: “You may want to fill water jugs/pails for your water needs during these hours. You may encounter discolored/rusty water once service is resumed, this is due to a disturbance in the water lines. Please run an outside faucet until your water runs clear.”

Anyone with questions is asked to call 508-693-3100.