Tisbury: Do Island drivers stop for turkeys?


Sunshine and above-freezing temperatures last weekend let many enjoy just getting out. Chicken Alley was buzzing, and the Black Dog Tavern had neighbors enjoying the sunlight on the water, even after wading through puddles. Parking places on Main Street were rare, though the puddles there were nearly life-threatening. My husband declared his latest bout of pneumonia was over, and insisted on getting out. He did well on his first excursion into the snow for some days.

Tonight at 7:30 pm, join Jemima James with Isaac Taylor, along with traditional Irish music featuring Mary Wolverton on fiddle, Myles Thurlow on low whistle, and Tauras Biskis on guitar. That is at the Island Moon Coffeehouse at the Vineyard Playhouse; $12 at the door.

The Vineyard Conservation Society invites you to meet at Polly Hill on Saturday at 10 am to explore the arboretum in the off-season. Winter is when bark patterns and architectural structure become evident on deciduous trees, the conifers stand out with many textures and shades of green, and even some fruits and flowers appear. Meet at the Visitor Center, and dress for the weather. Free one-hour tour.

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema at the MV Film Center features six films in French with English subtitles, shown over the next three weekends. This week on Saturday at 4 pm is Stubborn/Une Histoire Americaine. An artist tires of a relationship with a man, and leaves him behind in Paris. He follows her to America. Sunday at 7:30 pm, see Catherine Deneuve as Mathilde in Dans La Cour/In the Courtyard. An unlikely friendship develops between the depressed custodian and the elegant retiree, whose dependence increases as her grasp on reality begins to slip.

Did you know that Poetry on the T (masspoetry.org/poetryonthet/) gives more than 1 million daily Boston subway riders poetry to read during their commute, in place of ads? For the next four weeks, the subway cars of the Red Line will feature a poem by Edward Hirsch with a photo by our own Vineyard Colors (facebook.com/vineyardcolors).

We find just getting out of the house is a treat now. On Sunday at 3 pm, the West Tisbury library invites you to a reception honoring photographer Max Skjöldebrand. Max was born in Sweden and lived in England and Dubai before settling on the Island in 2010. The reception will include live piano music by David Rhoderick and refreshments.

Max’s show, “Lines, Light, Shadows and Reflections,” will be on display at the West Tisbury library this month. The exhibit features a selection of black and white photos taken over the past 10 years, including the Brooklyn Bridge, a Calder abstract, a flock of birds, and a snow scene. Max has been active in the library, and photographed the construction of the new library. His current project is photographing old buildings on Martha’s Vineyard.

Monday Night at the Movies with Jamie Alley at the Vineyard Playhouse shows Jupiter’s Darling at 7:30 pm, with Esther Williams and Howard Keel; $5 cash only at the door. This antiwar musical comedy is a spoof of the 1950s biblical epics, centered on Hannibal’s attack on Rome. The hero falls in love with a Greek princess who is betrothed to Roman Emperor Fabius.

Want to feel better? Next Tuesday at 7 pm, the Vineyard Haven library presents Elliott Dacher, M.D., speaking on “The Meeting of Science and Spirit: Implications for Health and Healing.” He will discuss consciousness as a healing modality, the mind/body interface, the three essential elements of a holistic approach to human flourishing, and integrating these emerging understandings into day-to-day life.

Some of our neighbors object to the proposed development on Pine Street. There are some good arguments. I don’t like cutting down lovely old trees for a road. Perhaps we should save the trees. However, one neighbor says we should save the trees because turkeys roost there. Let’s say the damage to the roof that the turkeys use in order to get into the trees, and the mess they make of surrounding yards, are not considered. What about the annoyance and the danger these birds cause on roads when a tourist slams on the brakes to let them cross the street? Certainly no Island driver stops for a turkey. Maybe the turkeys are a good reason we should cut down the trees.

Musicians are invited to jam with Geoffrey Dana Hicks from 7 to 10 pm on Friday, March 20, at the Aquinnah Town Hall. Proceeds benefit Gay Head Community Baptist Church, suggested donation $15. The concert is 7 to 8 pm, followed by locals joining Mr. Hicks to create music with him throughout the evening. Local jazz musicians are encouraged to call 781-664-0736 to register as participants.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Mark Daniels and James Taylor.

Barbara Howell, Janet Sylvia, and Kevin Voyer make Friday the 13th look good: You all have a happy one. Birthday greetings to Jib Ellis and Jay Segel on Sunday. St. Patrick shares his day with Austin Chandler and Doug Dorchester next Tuesday. Wish them the very best. Happy birthday on Wednesday to Matthew Barton, as well as his cousin Ben Bartolini.

Heard on Main Street: Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.