Spring forward with restaurant openings coming soon

Our seasonal favorites will be here before you know it.

Fresh seafood from Home Port Restaurant. — Photo by Marnely Rodriguez-Murra

We’ve been getting warmer weather — up to an incredible 50° last week! Even though some of the ground is still covered in slush, we can finally start dreaming of spring and summer as a reality. We can start visualizing those afternoons with iced coffees while walking around town, and fantasizing about outdoor date nights at local restaurant patios. And to make your dreams come true, we’re providing our (soon to be reality) dream bucket list. Perfect whether you’re an Islander that’s a regular at most of these restaurants, or a recent washashore wanting to discover the culinary community on Martha’s Vineyard: This list will get you salivating for what’s to come.

The Atlantic — Lobster Arugula Salad

Oh, how we can’t wait to sit on the deck of the Atlantic and bask in the sunlight while sipping on a cool cocktail and eating their refreshing Lobster Arugula Salad. Tossed in a strawberry vinaigrette and sprinkled with cranberries, walnuts, and fresh lobster meat, it’s the perfect meal to welcome spring. (Reopening April 1)

Détente — Peach and Taleggio Salad

Another favorite salad of ours, but for this Peach and Taleggio salad, we’re going to have to wait for those plump, juicy summer peaches to ripen. This salad is a must-have at Détente, where the sweet peaches are topped with warm, melted Taleggio cheese and topped with greens. (Reopening in May)

Right Fork Diner — Crab Cake Sandwich

One of our favorite spots for lunch once the weather warms up, it’s the spot to watch the biplanes take off and land while enjoying this delicious Crab Cake Sandwich, made with sweet crabmeat and very few fillers for that true crab flavor. (Reopening May 15)

Lure Grill — Lobster Pot Pie

If you have reservations at the Lure restaurant at the Winnetu Resort, you definitely must take the water taxi out there. A 20-minute boat ride in the sunshine while having the best view of the harbor is just the way to start your dinner date. Make sure to try their Lobster Pot Pie, where creamy lobster filling meets light and airy puff pastry topping. (Lure reopening April 18, water-taxi service begins June 10)

Lookout Tavern — Sushi

Craving sushi on-Island? Head to Oak Bluffs and give the sushi at the Lookout Tavern a try! It’s fresh, and the combinations are delicious and impressive, just like you would find on the mainland. (Reopening April 2)

Beetlebung Lounge — Eastern Soup Tasting

We know, you can’t stand to think of another soup after such a long winter of warm soups and stews, but we promise you that this soup tasting, which includes Malaysian coconut laksa, Thai lobster bisque, and Indian dahl, will blow your winter taste buds away! Also one of our favorite restaurants for small plates and sharing with friends. (Reopening to be announced)

Home Port Restaurant — Fresh seafood

Yes, the trip up-Island is worth it. Yes, that view will make anything taste amazing. We can’t wait to order anything from the takeout window at the Home Port and bring it over to the beach. Digging our toes into the warm sand and watching the sunset while eating fresh seafood is what summer is all about. (Reopening in May)

The Port Hunter — Mexican Street Corn

Raise your hand if you anxiously await the harvest for Morning Glory’s summer corn: We sure do, and once the Port Hunter staff get their hands on that magnificent corn, they create their Mexican Street Corn: layers of queso fresco, fresh cilantro, and mayonnaise make this summer in a bite. (Reopening in May)

Back Door Donuts —- Bacon Maple Donut

Hey, we love being tourists for a day and making that endless line in Oak Bluffs for warm, decadent doughnuts like Back Door Donuts’ Bacon Maple Donut. Maybe this summer they’ll come up with an even more exciting flavor? Wait … what’s more exciting than a bacon doughnut!? (Reopening in April)

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