Bridge results


At the Edgartown Bridge Club on Monday, March 16, five pairs competed. Finishing first overall were John O’Keefe and Ken Judson, followed by Caroline Baum and Gerry Averill in second place.

No results were reported for the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club on March 17.

At the Island Bridge Club on Thursday, March 19, seven pairs competed. Tied for first place were Nancy Neil and her partner Gerry Averill, and Dan and Nancy Cabot. Finishing in third place were Barbara Silk and Bea Phear.

Attending the North American Bridge Championship in New Orleans were several Islanders, including Diana Dozier, Sue Collinson, Mollie Whalen, Joe Ashcroft, Rhonda Cohen, and Eric Stricoff. Winning matches in a knockout and placing tied for fifth place in a stratified Swiss team, Ms. Dozier, Ms. Collinson, Ms. Whalen, and Mr. Ashcroft won gold points. In a bracketed knockout team event, Ms. Cohen, Mr. Stricoff, Ms. Whalen, and Mr. Ashcroft won the event.

The Martha’s Vineyard bridge scene mourns the loss of one of its favorite competitors, Charlie Harff, who passed away recently.