Pay higher wages


To the Editor:

A recent article about the Island’s housing crisis (April 16, “Experts examine Martha’s Vineyard affordable housing crisis”) stressed the need for more affordable housing. It mentioned zoning variances and high-density housing as possible solutions.

Is it a good idea to fundamentally change what makes the Vineyard so unique?

I suggest there is another way. Pay workers enough so they can afford their own housing. Yes, everything will cost more. But this housing crisis will cost us no matter what we do. Whether it is higher taxes, radical changes, or higher prices: We will pay.

The recent news about increasing the minimum wage is encouraging, although $15 per hour won’t help the Vineyard. Many hourly-wage workers will still be living in illegal apartments or dependent on some form of assistance. A living wage for Martha’s Vineyard may be $25 per hour or more.

The article mentioned a 50-unit housing project on Cape Cod as an example of what may be built here. Does anyone think Cape Cod is a good role model for the Vineyard?

Jay Ayer