Tisbury: Tree hugger month


Aren’t we enjoying this warm spring weather? We treasure it because it probably won’t last too long. But did you know that the Arctic sea ice has shrunk to its lowest winter extent ever recorded since 1880? This follows our planet’s warmest year since records began in 1880.

A light went out of our lives with the passing of Charles Blank two weeks ago. His wit and delight with life has been lost to us. He tried very hard to make even the tone-deaf enjoy classical music. He had a depth of understanding and a unique view of the comedy of life. He also had a way of making each of us who knew him feel that we were special, not only to him but to our world. He was a very special man.

Watch out for kids in the streets. It is school vacation week. This year several off-Island schools will be on vacation as well. I think it has to do with snow days and Patriot’s Day being a holiday in the commonwealth. Last weekend the sunny warm weather brought guests of all ages, renting bikes, strolling through town, and enjoying the Vineyard preparing for the summer season.

The Tisbury town meetings seemed to attract all those voters happily in favor of almost anything proposed on the warrant. After two long evenings with most every request approved, one voter asked the FinCom for advice on what the voters can do to avoid repeated overrides. The current chairman, Larry Gomez, went to the microphone. He suggested the answer was fairly simple. His advice was, “Just say no.”

You still have a chance to say no to the several override items featured on our town ballot. The last four questions ask for approval of expensive overrides. The town election is next Tuesday, April 28.

This is tree hugger month. You already know that trees are vital to life here on Earth. Trees purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and offer a home to many plants and animals. Have you hugged a tree today? You can do your part by recycling paper products.

The Water Diviner, directed by and starring Russell Crowe, will be at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center Thursday evening at 7:30 pm. This is a story of an Australian man who travels to Turkey to locate his three sons, missing after WW I.

The Sustainable Book Club is sponsored by Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary and all six Island libraries. The Island-wide book group is reading and discussing books that examine our

relationship with nature. Next Wednesday at 5:30 pm, you are invited to join in at the Vineyard Haven library, discussing a book called American Catch, by Paul Greenberg. For more, check with your library or Felix Neck.

While you are marking your calendar, note that our Vineyard Haven library will be closed on Friday, May 8, for building maintenance.

It’s not too late to sign up for food-safety courses: ACE MV has a number of important courses coming up in May. There are programs on tick and mosquito control and food safety and certification, as well as anti-choking training. There is also a class to help you order wine properly. Sam Decker will present “Understanding Wine” on Wednesday, May 6, and his class includes wine tasting.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Saturday to Alexandra Habekost. Birthday greetings go out to Jessica Soleil, Ronnie Tolin, and Melanie Jane Dickson on Tuesday. Wednesday belongs to John McCarthy.

Heard on Main Street: Don’t complain about April showers. They are promising the dandelions of summer.