Work begins on Old County–State Road intersection

The change from a Y to a T intersection is expected to take five weeks.

Construction has begun at the State Road and Old County Road in West Tisbury, where the Y intersection will be turned into a T intersection. — Photo by Michael Cummo

Work has begun on a redesigned intersection at State Road and Old County Road in West Tisbury, and is expected to be complete by Memorial Day. The new intersection removes the gradual curved turn of north-south traffic onto and off State Road with a right-angle turn that will require a more deliberate stop. The intent is to reduce accidents at the intersection.

Large flashing signboards warning “construction ahead” are in place. Richard Robbins, project manager for Lawrence-Lynch Corp., said work should take about five weeks. The project, designed by state planners, will cost $339,286 and be paid with state and federal monies.

At a public forum last year, Richard Madsen, project manager, explained that the state found numerous deficiencies at the intersection. The sight distance for drivers approaching the intersection from the south on State Road, the placement of the stop sign on Old County Road, high approach speeds, lack of shoulders, and a large roadway skew, or angle, were the major issues.

Mr. Madsen said, “The proposed improvements will T up the intersection, slightly realigning the angle of the intersection, [and] reducing speed; reduce the amount of the existing pavement; increase the green space; and increase the signage to better inform motorists as they approach the intersection.”

A PDF of the project with graphics can be found on the West Tisbury town website,