Rob Douglas wins French kitesurfing competition

It was his second Sosh Cup triumph in two years.

Vineyarder Rob Douglas competes in the 2015 Sosh Cup, a renowned kitesurfing competition in France. — Photo courtesy of Mondial du Ven

Rob Douglas of Vineyard Haven defended his 2014 Sosh Cup title and won the 2015 trophy at the Mondial du Vent, a speed-sailing competition held in Leucate, France, between April 18 and 23. Currently the fastest sailor in American history, Mr. Douglas scored three firsts and one second at the Sosh Cup, held on the Mediterranean Sea, with winds averaging between 18 and 28 knots.

For the fifth year in a row, Mr. Douglas set the best speed for the tournament, and for the third time in five years he took the top spot on the podium. With this third Sosh Cup victory, Mr. Douglas now remains undefeated in international kitesurfing speed competitions since October 2011.