Turnover: Another new pizza shop coming soon and saying goodbye to John Infurna


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Pizza, pizza, pizza!

The newest addition to the Vineyard pizza scene, Island Fresh Pizza and Subs, will be coming to Vineyard Haven in June. The new spot for slices is the brainchild of Paolo Miranda, who will be incorporating ingredients from his native Brazil as well as the traditional American favorites. “In the Brazilian pizza,” Paolo explains, “the crust is very light and crunchy.” He’ll also be including such South American favorites as beans, corn, chicken, pineapple, and a special cheese that, he says, “you can’t get here.”

Mr. Miranda, born in Cuparaque, Brazil, has resided on the Island for 13 years. He worked briefly as a baker for Humphrey’s, where he learned to make bread and doughnuts — skills that will serve him well in creating the doughs needed for his housemade pizza crusts and sandwich breads. He plans to eventually expand his menu to include grilled and deep-fried items.

Island Fresh Pizza and Subs, currently under construction in the Vineyard Haven Pine Village complex (on the site of the old Radio Shack), has a tentative opening of June 1, but Island red tape may delay it further into the month. But Mr. Miranda remains optimistic. “I always had a dream to open my own business,” he says. “Now my dream is coming true.”

Goodbye to John

We also heard that John Infurna, former food and beverage director at the Harbor View Hotel, recently accepted a similar position at Galley Beach in Nantucket. Mr. Inforna told The Times via email he “will miss the Island dearly.”