Triangle parking headed south


To the Editor:

Another nice example of the quote, “He who does not learn from past mistakes is condemned to repeat them.”  A few years ago, Tisbury disimproved the parking lot at the Stop and Shop, reducing the number of parking spaces in the process. Locals have been cursing the project ever since. Just what they had needed.

Now someone in Edgartown has come up with the same harebrained idea for the parking lot at the Triangle. In the mistaken intention of beautification, I guess. Or job creation?

There were not enough parking spaces in the summer before. Now there will be even fewer. Instead of finding space for my car, I will now have beds of pansies to admire?

Not enough with that, access that used to be smooth and easy to the Post Office and the stores is now hindered by stumble curbs all over the place, for old ladies like me to fall over and break their legs and necks. Please tell me whom to sue when that happens.

Brigitte Lent