A quick sampling


To the Editor:

Found: a neoprene glove (left hand), plastic bag, large cardboard box, numerous cigarette butts (smoking is still a thing, apparently), a flattened soda bottle, blue plastic New York Times bag, Budweiser can, and many, many little nip bottles (one for the road — or three, or five, who’s counting?).

That’s just a quick sampling of the trash by the side of the Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road that I saw on a bike ride to my mom’s house this morning.

There’s a thing they do up in Vermont one Saturday in May. It’s called Greenup Day, and it involves people walking their roads and picking up, oh, beer cans, soda bottles, or in one never-to-be-forgotten case, a soiled adult diaper by the side of the road (What?). Then the town comes by with trucks and retrieves the collected trash and the tires that strapping Vermont high school boys have hauled out of rivers and streams and up steep embankments. Then the roads are pretty for a while, until little by little, the trash mysteriously returns.

The thing is, human beings are frail, and they don’t always think things through. Occasionally people do fling things out the car window (not that you would). But we all live here, and all of us without exception use the roads. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to clean up our roads, and not just our beaches?

Petra Lent McCarron

Vineyard Haven