About that front page photo: An Island palette of prom girls

Junior girls post for a prom photo at Allen Farm before prom; from left, Sarah Klein, Jackie Hegarty, Brenda de Oliveira, Kyra Whalen, Emma Caren, Kaitlyn Marchand, Julia Neville, Belle Dinning, Sara Poggi, Emily Turney, Shannon Morris, Lee Heyman, Olivia Green-Lindgren, Arden Bezahler, Shyann Simon, Marcelle Alves, Jessica Sonia, Michaela Piche, Maddy Alley, Iris Albert, Ellie O'Callahan, Nelly Katzman, Marlla Lemos, Megan Piche, Olivia Jacobs, Sarah Chickering, Isabelle Crawford, Alana Morris, Samantha Hargy, Kaela Vecchia-Zeitz, Julia Sauter, Grace Burke, Meg Burke, Juniper Ezanno, Lindsy Dario, Jessica Haynes, Stella Andrews, Nuun Eksiri, Casey McAndrew, Amadine Muniz, Kylie Hatt, Jessyca Hernandez, Aquinnah Hill — Photo by Tina Miller

Each week, usually on Wednesday, we figure out what we’re going to use for a front page photo on The Martha’s Vineyard Times. Often, there’s a clear news choice, or a sports story that has provided an exciting action shot. Just as often, though, we use photos that aren’t necessarily tied to one story, but just seem right for the week.

This week, we got dozens of prom photos in from our freelancers, staff photographer, and readers. Tina Miller sent us this one, and we decided this was the shot we wanted on the cover. There was an equally impressive lineup of boys in tuxes, by the way, but the front page got a little crowded with both.

We try our hardest to make sure all the subjects of our photographs are identified, and though there were 43 young women here, we were up to the task, thanks to Times intern Elie Jordi, who went back to the high school with the photo on his laptop and made sure he confirmed the names of each of the 43 women.

We do have a prom story, here, a photo essay about junior Iris Albert preparing for the big day.