All Our Farms in One Place

Lots of good farms here on the Vineyard. Here’s our updated list of who’s selling what, where. Please let us know ( if you have anything to add. With thanks to SlowFood MV, Living Local MV, and Island Grown Initiative.
1. 7a Farms
3 Oonouhkoi, Aquinnah
Goods available at 7a Foods in West Tisbury.
2. Murphy Blueberry Farm
8 Rumpus Ridge Rd., Chilmark
508-645-2883. Blueberries for sale;
pick your own by appointment only.
3. Beetlebung Farm
Middle Rd., at Beetlebung Corner, Chilmark.
Produce, organic pork, grass-fed beef, lamb, Cottage City Baked Goods,
olive oil, vinegar, pasta, and more sold at farm stand.
4. Allen Sheep Farm & Wool
421 South Rd., Chilmark.
Eggs, meat, fiber, compost tea sold at farm stand.
5. Pasture Hill Farm
Pasture Hill Road
Home chicken and sheep farmers .
6. North Tabor Farm
4 North Tabor Rd., Chilmark
Produce, eggs, flowers, meat, and honey sold at farm stand.
7. Tea Lane Farm
121 Tea Lane
Vegetables, greens, flowers.
Available at: Eden, Alley’s, Fiddlehead Farm.
8. Native Earth Teaching Farm
94 North Rd., Chilmark. 508-645-3304;
Self-serve eggs and meat; produce, fiber, and heirloom livestock and poultry sold at farm stand.
9. Mermaid Farm and Dairy
9 Middle Rd., Chilmark. 508-645-3492
Produce, meat, dairy, fiber, homemade goods include mango lassiz yogurt smoothie sold at farm stand.
10. The Grey Barn and Farm
22 South Rd., Chilmark. 508-645-4854;
Meat, dairy, eggs sold at farm stand.
West Tisbury
11. Tiasquam Farms
50 Carl’s Way, West Tisbury
Vegetables, herbs, flowers, vinegars, plants, available at the Farmer’s Market
12. Tiasquin Orchard
5 Carl’s Way (right off State Rd., near the West Tisbury gas station)
Apples in season
13. West Tisbury Farmers’ Market
9 am–12 noon on Saturdays,
June 7 -October 11 and Wednesdays, June 18- Aug. 27. Local vendors, including most on this map, sell produce, flowers, honey, prepared foods, more.
104. Alley’s Farm Stand
299 State Rd., West Tisbury.
Produce and more sold at farm stand.
15. Whiting Farm
State Rd., West Tisbury.
Meat available by appointment only.
16. Cleveland Farm
674 Old County Rd., West Tisbury
774-563-8640. Produce, free range organic-fed eggs, organic-fed pasture raised chickens, and pork
by appointment at farm stand.
17. Flat Point Farm
Road to Great Neck
(off New Lane), West Tisbury.
Eggs and meat by appointment.
18. Green Island Farm
State Road, across from Ag Hall
19. Fiddlehead Farm Stand
632 State Rd
20. Flower Tins
Old County Rd., West Tisbury
Specialty cut flowers by appointment.
21. Whippoorwill Farm and CSA, Back 40 Farm
Old County Rd., West Tisbury
Produce, meat, flowers; u-pick berries, flowers, cherry tomatoes, more; produce & chicken CSA.
Sold at farm stand.
22. Christiantown Farm
185 Christiantown Rd., West Tisbury
Produce and eggs by appointment
23. Ghost Island Farm
at Nip n’ Tuck Farm
27 Davis Look Rd., off State Rd.,
Produce, flowers, meat, honey, prepared foods sold at farm store.
24. Blackwater Farm
Lambert’s Cove Rd., West Tisbury (behind Cottle’s Lumber).
508-693-9785. Produce, eggs, meat, and flowers sold at farm stand.
25. Stoney Hill Farm
196 Stoney Hill Rd, West Tisbury
26. Pasture Prime Farm
26 Orchard Rd., West Tisbury
Sheep and fine wool by appointment.
Vineyard Haven
27. Bakehouse Farm
977 State Rd., Vineyard Haven
(at Scottish Bakehouse)
Produce, sold at farm stand.
28. The GOOD Farm
1056 State Rd., Vineyard Haven
Chicken, pork, and turkey
for sale by appointment.
29. Spring Moon Farm
Northern Pines Rd off Lambert’s Cove Rd., Vineyard Haven. 508-696-7271
Chicken & duck eggs, broiler hens, pastured poultry, lamb, and wool.
30. Pilot Hill Farm
100 Pilot Hill Rd., off Lambert’s Cove Rd., Vineyard Haven. 508-274-8706
Produce, eggs, meat, and flowers
for sale by appointment or at WT Farmers’ Market.
31. Down Island Farm
280 Takemmy Path, Vineyard Haven.
Produce, edible flowers, herbs, and sea salt by appointment.
Oak Bluffs
32. Bayes Norton Farm
223 Vineyard Haven-Edgartown Rd., Oak Bluffs. 508-696-5989;
Produce, flowers, fiber available to buy at farm store.
33. Thimble Farm
Island Grown Initiative (IGI)
80 Stoney Hill Road
CSA, mostly greens,
34. Island Alpaca
1 Head of the Pond Rd., Oak Bluffs
Fiber for sale at farm store.
35. The Greenhouse of M.V. (formerly COMSOG)
114 New York Ave., Oak Bluffs
508-693-2019; Produce and flowers available at farm store.
36. DeBettencourt’s Farm
120 Wing Rd., Oak Bluffs. 508-693-1520
Flowers and produce for sale at farm stand or by appointment.
37. Morning Glory Farm
120 Meshacket Rd. (corner of Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Rd.)
Produce, eggs, meat, flowers, prepared foods, and grocery available to buy at farm store.
38. Old Town Gardens
Lois Lane., off Road to the Plains, Edgartown. 508-627-5827
Open Thurs. & Fri., 3–6 pm
Flowers, produce for sale by appt.
39. The FARM Institute
14 Aero Ave., Edgartown
Produce, eggs, and meat available at farm store.
40. Slip Away Farm
Chappaquiddick, Edgartown
Produce, eggs, herbs, and seedlings for sale at farm stand and CSA.