Donaroma’s to grow new branch

There are changes underway at Eden. — Michael Cummo

Michael Donaroma, owner of Donaroma’s Nursery and Landscaping Services in Edgartown, has branched out. Donaroma’s will now share the Eden Garden Center on State Road in Tisbury with Matt Tobin.

Mr. Donaroma confirmed he has taken over Mr. Tobin’s lease, and both parties will divide the departments according to their strengths. Mr. Donaroma will bring in plants, and Mr. Tobin will continue with his wood products.

“It was a big adventure for him to try to do all ends of it,” Mr. Donaroma told The Times.

“I offered to take over the lease, and he would sell the wood products and the Christmas trees. I’ll run the plants,” Mr. Donaroma said.

There are six years remaining in the lease, he said, with an option for him to opt out of it in a year if the venture doesn’t work out. The building has already undergone renovations. Mr. Donaroma said he has updated the shop with a new roof, new shingles, and new underground wire service.

“It needed some repairs,” he said.

Though it’s late in the season, Mr. Donaroma plans to bring some plants in within the next week or two.

Mr. Tobin took over Eden Market and Garden Center in 2011, after it had been owned and operated for 25 years by Dee Dice. Ms. Dice grew the business from a small produce venture, and expanded it into a one-stop shop for a variety of plants and garden goods.

Mr. Tobin, the owner of Tea Lane Nursery in Chilmark, was not available for comment.