Poet’s Corner: Knowledge of Pineapples


By Jill Jupen
Did you know

in the kitchen that morning,

sun streaming through

the screen door

when you said,

“I will show you

the best way

to cut a pineapple.”?

Did you know and so

take a few moments more

than were necessary

to slice off the flower

of its top, to make

the long vertical cuts

in the prehistoric skin,

to split it open,

juices flowing amber

on the smooth, worn surface

of the kitchen table?

Did you know as you

gathered and held tenderly

the cubes in your

work-­roughened hands,

offering them to me,

an initiate, who took one section

as if it were gold,

that you were giving much more

than knowledge of pineapples,

that sweetness would

throb faintly on my tongue

like an unfinished


Jill Jupen lives in Vineyard Haven with her husband, four dogs, and lots of books.