REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: June 29 – July 3, 2015



June 29, Mary E. Shands sold an undivided 1/6 interest in 8 Chockers Lane to Kathryn N. and Paul Shands for $612,500.

June 30, Edward J. Higham a.k.a. Edward J. Higham Sr. sold 5 Old Farm Rd. to Edward J. Higham Jr. and Jean Rose Tostanoski for $1,400,000.

July 2, Jennifer S. Rako, executrix of the estate of Anne B. Vytlacil, sold 21 Squibnocket Rd. to Up Island LLC for $1,525,000.


June 30, Phillip A. and Jennifer V. Tammaro sold 78 Old Purchase Rd. to William S. Minton Jr. and Karen A. Sawyer for $525,000.

June 30, Elizabeth S. and Melvin C. Hauck sold 52 Prices Way to Marc A. and Heidi Cohen Glasser for $626,250.

June 30, Molly L. Gasnick, executrix of the estate of Margaret Gasnick, sold 64 Clevelandtown Rd. to Robert and Amy Harkins for $685,000.

July 1, WMMV Real Estate LLC sold 15 Plains Head Lane to Paul Lonergan and Anne Tallon for $1,981,250.

Oak Bluffs

June 29, Leo F. Waldron and Katy Ann Waldron, trustees of the Waldron Family Revocable Trust, and Barbara E. Thompson sold 78 Isaac Ave. to Gary and Gloria Cardoso Santos for $142,500.

July 2, Joseph G. Parham Jr. a.k.a. Joseph G. Parham sold 33 Perkins Ave. to Alfonse Demeo 3rd and Elizabeth H. Demeo for $402,000.


June 30, Bernice Phifer sold 95 Summer St. to Kathleen L. Monahan for $300,000.

West Tisbury

July 1, Fanny Q. Howe, trustee of the Howe Trust Agreement, sold Lots 1, 2, and 3, at 1091 State Rd. to Bluebird Holdings LLC for $570,000.

July 2, Joel P. Antony sold 99 Charles Neck Way to Hugo R. and Ariana F. Leoncio for $600,000.