Time Out: Waiting For Goodell — a review

On sports, and more.

What will Goodell decide? Tom Brady in a 2014 game against the Minnesota Vikings. – Photo courtesy of Andrew Campbell, via Wikimedia Commons.

The lengthy run of this popular dramatic production continues on Broadway and in theaters throughout the country. Since its inception last January in Foxborough, MA, this tale of intrigue and suspense has gripped the country like no other in recent memory.

For those readers returning from space travel, coma or some other form of oblivion, the story revolves around a man, his footballs, and another man who must decide if the first man has in any way gained a competitive edge by manipulating the very same footballs that the second man should have been watching more carefully at the time when the manipulation of the footballs may or may not have taken place. With a plot such as this, who could stay away?

Far be it from this reviewer to reveal to the uninformed how this compelling drama unfolds . . or what happens to the footballs. Suffice it to say that the audience is left grappling with questions of the deepest nature, questions universal to our human condition.

Mainly: How much wood could a football chuck if a football could chuck wood? How freakin’ long does a guy making 44 million bucks a year and sits around all day watching ESPN need to make a freakin’ decision? And most importantly, how good is Jimmy Garoppolo?

This is Alex Palmer, your man at the theater, signing off.

Alex Palmer is a regular Times contributor who will be blogging frequently about sports, and more.