Edgartown: Thank you for all that you do RMV

From left, Dawn Kingston, Glenda Gotcsik, Janelle Scott, Summer Aiken and Amelia Ball. Photo by Linley Dolby

Here we are at the first weekend of August, which I always find to be a solid time to assess those favorite summer things of which I have yet to partake, and I have to say I think I am doing a pretty good job getting it done this year. I still haven’t had an ice cream, but harbor cruise, fried clams, and coffee on a bench are well covered, so I’m not worried. Plus, I have the Texas cousins arriving today for a week, and I’m sure I’ll be able to knock a few touristy items off the list with their assistance.

While we are on the subject, one thing I have never done is kayak, and I’m fairly convinced that the reason I mention the goings-on at Felix Neck so frequently is because one of these days, I’m actually going to get there to check out some of these very cool offerings. Upcoming in August, Felix Neck will feature kayak tours, both led and self-guided; fun, educational programs for young naturalists, such as their Creature Feature, Tank Time, and Snake and Turtle Tuesdays; seashore and birding tours; and Marine Discovery Tours; during which you may tow a plankton net, use a scallop drag, and check lobster and fish traps for the diversity of crabs, fish, and shellfish that live in the water around the Island. For more info and a full schedule, visit massaudubon.org/get-outdoors/wildlife-sanctuaries/felix-neck.

Glenda Gotcsik had a houseful this weekend, with girlfriends Janelle Scott, Summer Aiken, and Dawn Kingston in temporary residence. The ladies took the Island by storm, with dinners out, dancing, biking, beaching, and of course, supporting the local economy by shopping wherever and whenever possible. Sorry I missed you guys this year — that just means you’ll all have to come back soon.

Jane Ford is excited to share her latest venture, Remedy Cold Pressed Juice, “a straight shot of vital nutrients, an automatic mood lifter, and a great energy boost in every tasty bottle!” These tasty and healthy beverages, with flavors ranging from veggie to fruity to nutty, are being sourced and bottled at Edgartown Meat and Fish, and are now available for retail. Visit remedymv.com for more info. You go, Jane Ford!

The eighth annual Federated Church House Tour will take place Tuesday, August 11, starting at 1 pm at the Federated Meetinghouse. Historian Mary Jane Carpenter will give a free lecture about the beautiful and historic North Water Street homes that are included in this year’s tour. The tour itself runs from 2 to 4:30 pm, with refreshments served for the duration on a lawn overlooking Edgartown Harbor and the Chappy Ferry. Tickets are $40, and are available the day of the tour at the Federated Meetinghouse and at 67 North Water Street. Proceeds benefit the ongoing preservation of the 1828 Federated Church Meetinghouse. For questions, call 508-627-7077.

I recently wrote a heartfelt congrats to a friend who retired from the RMV that some perceived to be a slight on the rest of the department. This was absolutely never my intention, and I wholeheartedly apologize to anyone I may have offended. I have never had anything but stellar service by the staff of our local RMV since I first received my license at the old Oak Bluffs branch back in 1994. Thanks for all you do.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Jane Barbini and Barbara Phillips, who celebrate August 1; to Peter Lambos, August 2; to Derek Avakian and Claire Maxwell, August 3; and to Melanie Rankow Prescott, Pam Dolby, and Zach Ward, August 5.