More Who’s Who in Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate

A guide to brokers.

Sheila Morse and her husband, Chris, and children.

David Lott, Owner/Realtor, Vineyard Open House Real Estate, Vineyard Haven

Home: Vineyard Haven

Why are you in real estate? It’s been around me all my life. When I was 9, my parents and I went to Hawaii. And what did they do? Drive around, with me in the back seat, and look at houses. My mother was a Realtor, and I spent a lot of time at her office doing homework. In 2013 I opened my own real estate firm on Union Street in Vineyard Haven, right across from Murdick’s Fudge.

Any interesting stories from your work? The very first clients I worked with were a wonderful couple who had opposing ideas of what their ideal house was. We saw a lot of homes, and I would listen to them “discuss” them in the back seat of the car as I drove them around — divergent views, but a beautiful disagreement, voiced with great respect for each other. When we hit 33 houses, I said with a smile, “Well, you know what they say, the 34th time is the charm.” Then it was the 46th, then the 55th, and finally No. 64. We turned into a driveway in West Tisbury. As we drove down the drive past the trees with the house partially obscured in the distance, this tremendous emotion came over everyone in the car, and I knew we had found the place.

Barbara Meade Twiss, Realtor–Agent Partner, LAER Realty Partners on Martha’s Vineyard, Oak Bluffs

Number of years in real estate: Nine years on Martha’s Vineyard

Home: Oak Bluffs

Why are you in real estate? My late husband Ted encouraged me to get my real estate license over 20 years ago; best advice any one has ever given me!

Philosophy: I go to work every day, try to be better than the day before, and I never forget that there are many real estate agents on the Island, and how fortunate I am when a buyer or seller chooses to work with me. I never take it for granted.

Favorite activity on the Island: Walking the many beautiful Land bank trails, and meeting friends on the beach at sunset.

Best souvenir of the Island: Sea glass and … keys to an Island home, of course!

Lisa Lucier, Owner/Broker, Anchor Realty of Martha’s Vineyard, Oak Bluffs

Years in real estate: 16

Home: Edgartown

Why are you in real estate? I have always loved houses — my father was a real estate broker, one of the many hats he wore. He always told me it was his favorite job. It occurred to me that I could do this, and be good at it, when I was selling my house in Oak Bluffs and moving to Edgartown. I enjoyed the whole process, and said to myself, Why don’t you do this? We started Anchor Realty in September 2014, and have been off to a great start. I have five agents working with me, and we have been very busy.

Favorite room in your house: The den. It’s cozy, and that is where my dog hangs out.

What would you be if you weren’t a Realtor? If you had asked me when I was younger, I would always say I want to be a veterinarian; I love animals, and I am the most happy surrounded by them. Animals are a great source of unconditional love — I think we can all learn from them.

Favorite on-Island activity: I LOVE THE BEACH. Hanging out in the sun with my friends on Norton Point.

Sheila Morse, Broker/Owner, Island Real Estate, Vineyard Haven

Years in real estate: 24 years

Home: I live in West Tisbury with my husband, Chris, and our three daughters.

Why are you in real estate? By accident: I was renting a property during the summer with friends through a real estate office on the Island. When the summer ended, the owner of the real estate company asked if I’d like a job while I was in their office collecting my security deposit.

Favorite room in your house? My kitchen — it is a gathering place. Whether we are doing homework, cooking Sunday supper, baking, or making lunch with all the kids from the neighborhood, it is the heart of our home.

How did you come to own your own home? I saw a piece of land that was newly listed for sale. I called my husband to go take a look and call me as soon as he was there. It was a great location, and I said if he liked it, we should put together an offer. We’ve built a house, and have been living there for 13 years.

Favorite on-Island activity: Walking the beach on a beautiful day.

Bill LeRoyer, Co-Owner/Principal Broker, Harborside Realty, Edgartown

Number of years in real estate: 19

Home: Edgartown

Specialty: Residential properties, equestrian facilities, and farms

Why are you in real estate? After vacationing on the Island for a number of years when my parents summered here, my wife and I decided it would be a great place to live, so in 1994 we packed up and moved to the Island from Connecticut with our son Billy. Our daughter Jennifer was off to UMass for her first year. Once on the Island, I needed to find a new career, and thought real estate would be a good fit, as I like working with people, which I had been doing for the previous 18 years while managing equestrian events throughout New England.

Philosophy: Knowing and understanding the needs of your client so you can provide him or her with the best level of service possible.

What would you be if you weren’t a Realtor? Probably would still be in the equestrian-management business.

Nya Clarke, Owner/Broker, Martha’s Vineyard Island-Wide Realty, Vineyard Haven

Number of years in real estate: 14

Home: I grew up in Oak Bluffs, and now live in Vineyard Haven.

Specialty: Residential sales and rentals

Why are you in real estate? I had family and friends who did real estate in Boston and New York; it was always an interest, and it developed while in art school for fashion design.

Philosophy: There is always an opportunity to make a match! I’ve always been intrigued by the uniqueness and diversity of the people and properties that are involved in the transaction.

What would you be if you weren’t a Realtor? An interior designer or fashion designer.

How did you come to own your own home? It was my listing — a contemporary. Most buyers could not see beyond the shag rug, metallic wallpaper, orange countertops, and avocado-green appliances. I spent so much time showing it, and eventually convinced myself to buy and revamp the midcentury home.

Favorite on-Island activity: My husband owns Martha’s Vineyard Oceansports. I take advantage of having access to boats. I also love biking, paddleboarding— everything outdoors.

Best Island souvenir: Great Vineyard memories.

Bobbi Flake Reed, President/Broker, Viewpoints, Vineyard Haven

Number of years in real estate: 37

Home: Vineyard Haven

Specialty: Waterview and waterfront properties in West Chop and Vineyard Haven

Why are you in real estate? I was a sound and lighting engineer for Disney when I got married, and had to move to Nevada. I could no longer work in my trade, so a fellow ski instructor suggested real estate.

Philosophy: I believe in listening to buyers and sellers; it is about what they want and need, and how best to accomplish that with trust, loyalty, compassion, professionalism, and always a warm smile.

Favorite room in your house: I love my living room/kitchen overlooking my large deck/patio and woods. I have many tropical flowers, which seem to intrigue turkeys, deer, rabbits, birds, and yes, skunks!

How did you come to own your own home? I was looking for a townhouse, and sent out letters. One response said they would sell if I could find them something else. I found them a great house, first house I showed them, and have subsequently resold that house to one of my buyers.

What would you be if you weren’t a realtor? If was not a realtor I would definitely work for ESPN or the Boston Red Sox. I am a die hard sports fan!

Best Island souvenir: Sea glass is always a popular souvenir, as are wonderful memories!

Alyssa Dubin, Broker/Realtor, Wallace & Co., Sotheby’s International Realty, Edgartown and Chilmark

Number of years in real estate: 11

Home: West Tisbury

Specialty: Real estate sales in every town on the Island

Philosophy: Honesty, friendly service, and attention to detail. My office is a great place to work. We are a team, and I enjoy working with everyone there.

What would you be if you weren’t a Realtor? Probably still wearing my white lab coat. Before I started real estate, I did cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center.

Favorite room in your house: Kitchen. I love to cook, and my kids, especially my 8-year-old son, Caleb, love to help out in the kitchen. Caleb will try just about everything I make — my biggest fan!

Favorite on-Island activity: Despite the crowds, I just love going to Menemsha in the summer late in the day. My kids love to catch crabs and fish at the beach. We grab takeout from the fish market, and watch the sunset. Even after circling the parking lot for 30 minutes, we still go back again and again.

Best Island souvenir: I love the copper fish that Scott McDowell makes. They look great on any wall. His store is the Copperworks, in Menemsha.