Hugh Parker of New York City wins Chilmark 5K

Hugh Parker, of New York City, crosses the finish line of the Chilmark 5K first overall, with a time of 15:38.69. — Photo by Michael Cummo

More than 1,600 runners, including actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, lined up on Middle Road in Chilmark for the 38th annual Chilmark Road Race held Saturday morning on a beautiful summer day.

Hugh Parker from New York City came in first with a time of 15:38.69. He was challenged by second place finisher Ben Bosworth, of Dorcester, who finished five seconds behind Parker with a time of 15:43.48.

Sheridan Wilbur of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, in fifteenth place, was the first woman to finish with a time of 18:04.76. It was the second year in a row she bested all other female competitors. Michael Schroeder of West Tisbury was the fastest Islander. He finished 13th with a time of 17:57.87.

The complete top 10 results follow: 1. Hugh Parker, 25, New York, 15:38.69; 2. Ben Bosworth, 20, Dorchester, 15:43.48; 3. Ryan Laemel, 23, New Haven, CT, 16:05.59; 4. Corey Kunz, 34, Hoboken, NJ, 16:29.35; 5. Tristan Forsythe, 15, Pittsburgh, 16:37.49; 6. Keegan Skidmore, 32, Providence, 16:40.00; 7. Joshua Sohn, 34, Washington D.C., 16:57.00; 8. Brad O’Keefe, 16, Basking Ridge, NJ, 16:57.78; 9. Sidney Field, 20, Leverett, 17:03.28; 10. Ryan Eville, 16, Readington, NJ, 17:32.50.