Real Estate Transactions: August 10–14, 2015



Aug. 11, Berta Welch and David Giles, trustees, Alfred A. Vanderhoop Educational Trust, sold 66 State Rd. to Kyle D. Colter and Sophia E. Welch for $315,000.


Aug. 14, Damaris Low Botwick and Jennifer Low Oliver sold 29 Fulling Mill Rd. to Alexander L. and April S. Neubauer for $580,000.


Aug. 10, Chapeda Hill Corp. sold 31 Tower Hill Rd. to 31 Tower Hill LLC for $12,000,000.

Aug. 13, Noras Meadow LLC sold 4 Noras Lane to B Square LLC for $835,000.

Aug. 13, Island Capital Corp. sold 57 Eleventh St. South to Gary A. Daula for $150,000.

Aug. 14, Peter Eltz sold 24 Shurtleffs Way to Catherine W. Quintal for $800,000.

Aug. 14, JoAnn Mettler, aka JoAnn M. Mettler, and John H. Mettler sold 14 Golf Club Rd. to Warren M. Heilbronner and Ameek Ashok Ponda, trustees, 14 Golf Club Road Trust, for $6,750,000.

Oak Bluffs

Aug. 12, Florence Oberman Cross sold 64 Worcester Ave. to Louis Savas and April Mason Savas for $325,000.

Aug. 13, Anthony D. Piland sold 4 Meshacket Way to Manuel Rose for $274,000.

Aug. 14, Daniel S. Phillips sold 20 Wing Rd. to Kim Hilliard for $170,000.

Aug. 14, Joan E. and Pamela Evette Hall sold 17 Norris Ave. to Kelly Ann Joyce for $539,000.

Aug. 14, Cynthia M. Puchner sold 12 Pall Mall to Wolfgang and Kylee Karbee for $1,358,228.


Aug. 11, Gregory L. Berks sold 57 Authier Ave. to Harriet and David A. Portman for $554,000.

Aug. 14, William and Dorothy Mills sold 64 Moonstone Way to Megan L. Honey and Michael B. Baptiste.

West Tisbury

Aug. 11, James E. Salzman sold 9 Leona Lane to Kristina Kinsman Maynard for $355,000.