Edgartown: let’s talk Derby.


Here we are, halfway through September, and as I type this, the forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 80°. What a glorious fall it aims to be. But let’s not forget last Thursday, when all of the water in the entire sky fell upon us in a matter of hours. I was tasked with driving to Vineyard Haven in that torrential downpour, and as much as I complain every time I have to get in and out of my husband’s truck with the big lifts, I was sure glad to be up high while fording the Five Corners lake, while the lower-sitting sedans had water up to mid-door.

The drive was worth my while, though, as it resulted in the acquisition of Al Kirkendal, Teresa Martin, and Bob and Nancy Tusa, up from New Orleans to watch the Pats, eat some lobsters, and generally enjoy our off-season offerings. Also, apparently to bring the rain, although many sad Steelers fans seem to be blaming Bill Belichick for that.

So let’s talk Derby. (As an aside, can someone please make a T shirt that says “Talk Derby to Me”? I don’t need credit, but I wouldn’t mind a free shirt.) It seemed for a while there that everywhere I went, people were talking about how plentiful the albies have been this year, but I just took a look at the total weigh-ins, and it looks like blues are just jumping onto hooks. Anyway, it seems to be a successful fishing season thus far — as of Tuesday, over 1,200 pounds of fish have crossed the weigh-in tables. Keep it coming, folks. The Big One is still out there!

Happy anniversary to Maggie and Alex Morrison and to Chris and Liza Dolby, who share Sept. 14th as their special day, and upcoming this week, anniversary love goes out to Jade and Dan Deslauriers and Andy and Shannon Smith, who share Sept. 18. Here’s to many more.

Felix Neck invites you to their Equinox yoga celebration, Wednesday, Sept. 23, from 5:30 to 7 pm. The fall equinox is a powerful opportunity to reflect and connect more deeply with yourself, your community, and with the natural world. This vinyasa practice will help cultivate balance and renew the mind, body, and spirit in a beautiful natural setting. Bring a mat or a towel and water. Dress appropriately, as this is an outdoor event. For more info, call 508-627-4850.

OK, this is really cool: Featherstone is holding a Martha’s Vineyard Ukulele Fest on Sept. 19, with workshops available all day, Kids ukulele Kamp, East Coast Luau, and a concert to finish. This is an all day Ukulele Fest all over Featherstone campus. This event will feature amazing workshops, plenty of time to jam, performances by wonderful guests, surprise visits by local performers, great food, an unbelievable concert, and many more exciting opportunities. Featured artists include Faith Ako, Jim & Liz Beloff, Ken Middleton, and Steve McNie. For more information on individual workshops and registration, visit mvukefest.com.

“Making the Past Reappear — Conservation of 19th Century Whaling Logbooks” will be presented on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 5:30 pm in the Edgartown Room at the Harbor View Hotel. Whaling logbooks from the 19th century are some of the most prized items in the Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s collection; however, the past 150 years have left many of these logbooks with degraded pages, inks, and bindings. Thanks to generous grants from the Edgartown Community Preservation Committee as well as a private family, five of these logbooks have been newly restored and digitized and are now ready to tell the public a story no one alive ever knew.The five logbooks, containing colorful folk art drawings and paintings that give insight into daily shipboard activities, whale sightings and captures, and weather conditions from the 1800s, have spent months at the Northeast Document Conservation Center. This past spring, the town of Edgartown approved funding through the Community Preservation Act to have these logbooks conserved. During the conservation process, the logbooks were also digitized with funds provided by the family of Joan Rosé Thomas, great granddaughter of Richard E. Norton, the author of one of the five logbooks. Very cool.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Penny Vanderhoop and Darren Belisle, who celebrate Sept. 17; to Max Sherman, Sept. 19; to Andy Kelly, Cammie Naylor, and Dayce Moore, Sept. 21; and to Heidi McDonough and Michael Donaroma, Sept. 23.