Edgartown: welcoming an old, new writer


As I sit here following a big family dinner in honor of a weekend visit from my siblings, I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of a “Back to the Future” joke for this week’s Edgartown column. That, or I was just going to thank Linley for keeping my seat warm. Those of you who know me will remember that I wrote this column for a little while about a hundred years ago, or what seems like a hundred years ago. When I saw that Linley was moving on to other things and that the Times was looking for a new writer, I inquired as to whether an old, new writer might do. As time was of the essence for this week’s column, they were at least willing to let me give it another try for a week. So I may just be making a guest appearance, or I might be here for awhile. Time will tell. I’m definitely rusty and lacking in news.

When last I wrote, I was a self-employed bookkeeper with two young kids, whose escapades often found their way into the column. Since that time, I’ve become a teacher at the Edgartown School, earned a master’s degree in education, and am now mom to teenagers, who I’m sure will no longer allow their lives to be fodder for my writing. We can probably all be grateful for that!

Leave it to our wonderful community to come through for those in need. One of the more amazing things I’ve heard about recently is Hospitality Homes. This is a program that the Island clergy and community leaders are working on together to address the need for emergency shelter for the Island’s homeless during the winter months. I will share more details here as they become available. Be on the lookout!

It’s fundraising season! And there are three events to share with you. First, the kids at the Edgartown School are doing a PTA fundraiser through Oct. 3. They are selling fine gifts, edibles, gift-wrap, and accessories from Cristoline Fundraising. The kids have catalogues of the products, or you can shop online at cristolinefundraising.com. If purchasing items online, you can create a personal login, pay with a credit card, and when it’s time to check out, there will be a place to type in the Edgartown School’s name so the school benefits. You could also get in touch with me at the school, and I can direct a student your way to add that personal touch to the sales.

The Edgartown eighth grade is continuing their Washington, D.C., fundraising with another Apple Watch raffle that runs from early October until Christmas in Edgartown weekend. Tickets are $5, three tickets for $10, or a book of 12 tickets for $35. It’s a great chance to win this cool bit of technology and support the eighth grade’s trip to D.C. as well!

Finally, the seventh grade will soon be doing their annual Yankee Candle sales, raising money for their ski trip to Gunstock. I’ll share more details on this event when I get it!

Still on the subject of the Edgartown School, did you know that kids are required to perform 22 hours of community service in order to graduate from the eighth grade? Students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are always looking for community service opportunities. If you know of service opportunities that we could help with, that would give our students a better understanding of what it means to give back to our community, I’d love to hear from you.

Thinking of taking a class? The Harbor View Hotel is hosting the ACE MV Sampling Fair this Thursday, Oct. 1, from 5 to 7 pm. You can learn about what ACE MV is offering this winter in the way of continuing education, talk directly with the teachers, and even register if you want. Learn a new language! Learn to cook! Or get some computer training, or mindfulness and yoga training. They have some really great offerings this year.

Be on the lookout next Wednesday, Oct. 7, before school and at 2:40, as it is the annual Ride Your Bike to School Day. You’re likely to see more families on the bike paths and sidewalks that day than usual. Please be mindful of the kids.

Also on Wednesday, Oct. 7, is the annual Open House/Potluck/Health Fair/Garden Celebration at the Edgartown School, from 6 to 8 pm. This is always a fun event for the kids and families of the Edgartown School, as they enjoy wonderful food, learn some new things, rejoice in our amazing school garden, and explore the school to see some of the outstanding work going on in our classrooms.

If you get the opportunity to do something nice for someone today, do it. The world needs more of that. And be sure to get me some news for next week. Have a great week!