Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 21 – 25, 2015|



Sept. 25, Michael Dourmashkin, Thomas Dourmashkin, Peter Dourmashkin, and Barbara Dourmashkin Case sold 65 Moshup Trail to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of 65 Moshup Trail Trust, for $2,100,000.


Sept. 23, Joel Anthony Humberman, Vincent Michael Huberman, a/k/a Jack Huberman, a/k/a Vincent M. Huberman, and Jamie Lyle Huberman sold 21 Harbor Hill Rd. to Anthony L. Horwitz and Geraldine Brooks for $825,000.

Sept. 25, Bradford P. White sold 10 Harbor Hill Rd. to Frederick N. Khedouri for $801,000.


Sept. 21, Patricia S. Albee sold 97 Cooke St. to Lilliput Realty LLC for $955,000.

Sept. 22, Randall W. Antick sold 20 Mullen Way to Adam and Kelli Klauber for $840,000.

Sept. 22, Lester Gordon and Dafna Krouk-Gordon, trustees of the Lester Gordon Revocable Trust 2009, sold 5 Donaldbin Close Rd. to Barbara-Jean and Claude C. Chauvin for $510,000.

Sept. 23, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, trustee for GMACM Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-AF2, present holder of a mortgage from Christopher W. Hunt and Scott A. Scanlon to American Brokers Conduit, sold by foreclosure deed 27 Pierce Lane to GSC LLC for $2,600,000.

Sept. 23, Isaac R. Starr sold 5 Jernegan Ave. to Quinn K. Retmier and Kyle S. Carter for $554,750.

Sept. 23, Fred Krokenberger and Cecilia Krokenberger, a/k/a Cecelia Krokenberger, sold 80 Pilgrim Rd. to Matthew T. and Amybeth C. Dandrea for $760,000.

Sept. 25, Jane K. Dean sold 77 Pease’s Point Way S. to Barbara S. Weinblatt for $1,250,000.

Sept. 25, Jason V. and Marcia J. Macres, trustees of the Macres Family Trust, sold 10 Metell’s Way to Joshua W. and Lynn M. Everdell for $1,150,000.

Sept. 25, Steven A. and Lisa C. Dalberth sold 4 Jason Drive to Delphine Mendez De Leon for $350,000.

Sept. 25, Richard R. Tisei and Bernard F. Starr sold 7 Massasoit Rd. to Frederick A. and Vivian B. McMullen for $605,000.

Sept. 25, Barbara Cougle and Kathleen Doucette, trustees of the Brown-Anderson Family Realty Trust, sold 89 South Summer St. to Sarah B. and Edward C. Rorer, trustees of the Summersault Associates Nominee Trust, for $1,625,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 21, William N. Potter and Kerry Quinlan-Potter sold 6 Pontiac St. to Barbara Kopp for $560,000.

Sept. 25, Warren H. and Kathleen S. Parsons sold 25 Lagoon Rd. to Mika Ann Durrell for $691,000.

Sept. 25, David Tutt, personal representative of the Audrey L. Salmons estate, sold 54 Pacific Ave. to Igreja Evangelica Assembleia De Deus Semear Inc. for $20,000.

Sept. 25, Susan A. Fauteux sold 60 Sunset Rd. to Erik P. and Rebecca Claussen for $425,000.


Sept. 21, Judy M. Corr sold 123 Spring Hill Rd. to Nikolaas J. and Pauline A. Scott for $400,000.

Sept. 22, Cynthia R. Anthony, Carolyn A. Roehr, and Mary E. Lord, trustees of the Marcia A. Roehr Nominee Trust, sold 809 Main St. to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of 809 Main Street Realty Trust, for $7,150,000.

Sept. 24, Bruce and Barbara Stelle sold 173 Cove Rd., Tashmoo Wood Condo Unit IV A, to Eric S. and Kimberly A. McLaughlin for $910,000.

Sept. 24, BCC REO LLC sold a lot on State Rd. to Island Housing Trust Corp for $1,200,000.

Sept. 25, Leslie H. and Susan R. Leland sold 36 Carl Lairs Lane to Jennifer Bettencourt, Jason O’Donnell and Susan A. Fauteux for $625,000.

West Tisbury

Sept. 24, Patricia J. Shea sold 240 Oak Lane to Peter and Suzanne Sprayregen for $635,000.