SSA replaces deteriorating wood on gazebo

Steamship Authority employees Frank Tallino, left, and Don McCarthy work on repairing the gazebo at the Vineyard haven terminal. — Photo by Michael Cummo

The small white gazebo that sits by one corner of the Steamship Authority Vineyard Haven terminal staging lot and overlooks Vineyard Haven Harbor is popular with travelers waiting for a boat and Islanders taking a lunch break.

Last week, carpenters Frank Tallino and Don McCarthy were busy repairing rotted wood that had detracted from its appearance.

“We were hoping to get a lot of this work completed before the start of the summer season,” SSA general manager Wayne Lamson told The Times. “Some of the trim on the terminal building, the passenger waiting shelters, and the gazebo needed to be replaced. We have one carpenter on our maintenance staff, and we had to hire another carpenter on a temporary basis as an independent contractor to help complete all of the necessary repairs. We expect all of this work to be completed over the next several week if the weather cooperates.”