Tisbury selectmen stop stop sign discussion

Tisbury selectmen will take another look at the need for a stop sign at the corner of Main Street and Greenwood Avenue. — Michael Cummo

Tisbury selectmen Tuesday voted not to remove an existing stop sign in front of the Vineyard Haven library at the corner of Main Street and Greenwood Avenue. They based their decision not to do something on receipt of a letter from the Vineyard Haven Library Trustees asking the town to keep it.

The notion of removing the stop sign arose in July, when selectmen Larry Gomez, who lives on Greenwood Avenue, questioned its usefulness.

The stop sign was one of five put up in October 2012, with little advance notice and no presentation of traffic data, on the recommendation of former Department of Public Works director Fred LaPiana, who told selectmen the new stop signs were needed to slow traffic and create a safe path for pedestrians.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation “Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the standard municipal traffic code,” section 10A-4, states, “The purpose of the Stop Sign is to designate right-of-way to vehicles making conflicting movements. It is not intended, nor shall it be used for the control of speed, traffic calming, or to forestall pedestrian, rear-end, or turning movement accidents.”

According to a DOT spokesman, on town ways, the town assumes all mandated liabilities if traffic control devices are not erected in accordance with the department’s most current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.