Edgartown: Hunting season is coming


What a difference a week makes! As much as last weekend’s weather kept us all inside, nesting and cooking, this weekend’s weather got everyone back outside to enjoy sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures. You can’t beat weather like this in October, and based on the pictures going around social media for the past couple of days, most of you agree!

We spent most of Saturday working around the house, doing some much-needed cleaning and organizing after a busy summer. I don’t know about you, but we tend to let things slide more than just a little in the summer! So we dug down deep to find our work ethic on Saturday, and got a lot of stuff done so that we could take advantage of the long weekend and escape to the mainland for a bit. We didn’t go any farther than Falmouth, and went without any agenda, which made it extra-relaxing. We ran into a few fellow Islanders over there, but mostly just goofed off, wandered some Falmouth beaches, and spent some money. In a reflection of how times have changed with technology, when we returned home my kids inundated me with “you have to watch my videos” as they proceeded to shove their phones in my face over and over. What did we do before everyone had phones? Oh, I know! Played outside, communicated face-to-face, had actual conversations! Still — they were funny videos.

So today marks week three writing the column and … I have received no news from you all! What’s up with that? Surely there have been birthdays and anniversaries and various other celebrations? I’d love to share some of your joys in the column. Or are you part of one of the new bowling teams and have some stories and scores to share? Or how about some Derby stories? Send them my way.

This year’s 25th anniversary CROP Walk is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Oct. 18th. In 2014, the Martha’s Vineyard Walk raised $22,809 to help end hunger in our community, with 97 walkers participating from 13 congregations and other local organizations. Our CROP Walk is the largest in all of New England. We look forward to walking together with you on Oct. 18th. To stay updated on the event and how you can contribute or participate, you can go to crophungerwalk.org/vineyardhavenma, or check out the Facebook page by searching for Martha’s Vineyard CROP Hunger Walk.

The Edgartown School seventh grade Yankee Candle Fundraiser is going on until Oct. 18. You can shop directly from any seventh grader, or you can shop online at yankeecandlefundraising.com. The group number for online shopping is 990057894, and the group name is Edgartown School — 7th Grade. This fundraiser helps support their annual ski trip to Gunstock Mountain. It’s a great way to do some holiday shopping.

The Edgartown eighth grade is also currently running an Apple Watch Raffle, which will run through Christmas in Edgartown weekend. You can buy tickets from any eighth grader, and I’m sure you’ll see us selling at various upcoming events. This will raise money for our annual trip to Washington, D.C. I say “our” because I will be joining the class, along with my co-advisor, Darren Belisle, on this amazing and enlightening trip. I was in one of the early eighth grades to go on the Washington trip way back in the day, and loved it. It’s a great memory for all the kids, to be sure.

This week’s kids’ event at the Edgartown library is “Go Batty” on Saturday the 17th at 3 pm. Watch the Magic School Bus film “Going Batty,” and make your own bat to take home!

Planning ahead, the Edgartown School’s annual PTA-sponsored Halloween Party is on Friday, Oct. 30, from 5 to 7 pm in the school gym this year. This party is always a great event, and this year looks to be even better, as they will have lots of new games and fun for your ghosts and goblins. I’m even talking about dressing up myself this year.

Also happening on Oct. 30 from 5 to 7 pm is “Creatures of the Night Halloween.” Experience Halloween at Felix Neck in a creative, nonscary way. Kick off with a hayride at 5:15 pm and other activities throughout the evening. Learn about the creatures of the night with a self-guided night walk, carve a pumpkin (bring your own), create animal masks, or roast marshmallows by the fire. Members: $6; nonmembers: $9. Admission free for children under 3, and costumes are welcome.

Please keep in mind that the Island’s six-week archery deer season begins one half-hour before sunrise on Monday, Oct. 19, which always leads the way into the rest of the hunting season. Please be careful out there and wear your bright colors if you’re venturing into the woods. That goes for you hunters, too.

This week, go out in the world and do well. But even more important, go out in the world and do good. Have a wonderful week, and please send me some news!