Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Engineering Challenge: October

Third place, 17.0 lux: Curtis Fisher and Garrett Zeilinger. Photo Courtesy of Ruda Stone

The MVRHS October Engineering Challenge took place last Thursday. The project was to create a hanging light that best illuminated a piece of art. Students were given 45 minutes to create the light, using a piece of PVC with hooks as a starting structure. The groups had to wire and mount LED lights onto the PVC in such a way as to maximize the light on the art when the device was suspended from the ceiling. Four light sensors were embedded in the art. Students then hung their lighting devices and the light picked up by the four sensors was added. The winners were determined by identifying the group with the highest total light value.

The goals of the challenge include providing students with the opportunity to experience authentically and first-hand the process of engineering as they work to complete a design challenge; collaborate and communicate as a group to achieve a common goal; and

compete as an academic team in a different type of competition from our yearly science fair, thus expanding the opportunities for students to gain recognition for their accomplishments in science and related STEM disciplines.

Thanks go to Anna Cotton (Alternative Education Science), Dana Munn (Science), Michael Lavers (Math), and Chris Connors (Art) for working  as a team to plan and provide these opportunities, along with Natalie Munn.

October Engineering Challenge winners

First place, 43.5 lux: Adam Bilodeau, Lucas Dutton, Anders Nelson

Second place, 36.5 lux: Brahmin Thurber-Carbone, James Kelliher, David Webster

Third place, 17.0 lux: Curtis Fisher, Garrett Zeilinger