Host program appreciated the help


To the Editor:

The West Tisbury School eighth graders just finished hosting their U.K. guests as part of the annual U.K./U.S.A. exchange. This exchange program is now in its 30th year. The week was filled with fun, social, and educational events, and has been a positive experience for all involved on so many different levels.

This would not have happened without the help of many. So thanks need to go to Joel Weintraub for starting this program, and running it for so many years. Bob Lane and Judy Boykin McCarthy also played a pivotal role in carrying on the program in the past. And a very special thanks needs to go to Bob and Margie Aldrin and Tom Dresser, for being so generous with their time and support.

Our students and families work hard together, fundraising for this trip. A large portion of the expenses is covered by the annual publication of the School’s Out newspaper. You as community business owners have been very generous and supportive too, by purchasing ads.

Our eighth graders will visit Warrington, England, in June, just before their graduation, and our seventh graders will be busy in the spring publishing the next issue of School’s Out paper. Your support is very much appreciated.

Orlaith McCarthy-Estes

West Tisbury