Chilmark: Pick up your Poop

The misused receptacle at Lucy Vincent Beach. — Photo by Valerie Sonnenthal

I walk my dogs regularly at Lucy Vincent Beach, and am appalled that dog owners collect and bag their poop, then leave it behind on top of the trash that clearly states “Please Do Not Leave Trash.” I am finding a lot more poop on the path and the beach. I don’t want to point fingers at folks who, if they don’t carry bags, at a minimum could use a stick to remove it from the middle of the path! Maybe we do need a trashcan at the beach all year?

Congratulations and thanks go out to U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 11-9 commander Timothy Carroll and all our local civilian volunteers who make up the Vineyard Volunteer Coast Guard Flotilla. Thanks for the good work you do performing gratis vessel exams. This commitment not only includes the USCG mission of promoting and improving recreational boating safety, providing trained crews and facilities to augment the Coast Guard and enhance safety and security of ports, waterways, and coastal regions, and supporting Coast Guard operational, administrative, and logistical requirements, but may extend to being called upon to assist in a host of other functions, from search and rescue to following orders from the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival is looking for help; if you or anyone you know is interested in working with a wonderful organization, they are looking for a financial manager, a marketing manager, and a festival coordinator, and expanding their education and children’s programs. Learn more at

Remember to shop local; head down to Basin Road and stop in and say hi to Everett Poole at the Chandlery, where the sign still reads “Open windy days, most afternoons and other inconvenient times by appointment 508-645-2212, seldom on Sunday, never second and fourth Tuesday”; check out Scott McDowell’s Copperworks of Martha’s Vineyard, full of wall hangings, chandeliers, and lighting, plus beautiful wampum pieces by local artisans; and then stop in at Lambert’s Cove Glass, where it would be hard not to find a perfect gift among the stunning Guernsey and vintage sweaters, an interesting assortment of unusual gifts for all ages, and the best selection of maritime books, plus books about the Vineyard, food, fiber, environment, mysteries, and kids’ books. If you have been searching for a special maritime book, cookbook, or mystery, you can count on Lambert’s Cove Glass store owner Virginia (Ginny) Jones to help out: Either send your list to, or just stop by in person.

Come bring a dish to share and wear your dancing shoes to the Thanksgiving Potluck and Musical Jam on Saturday, Nov. 28, at the Chilmark Community Center, hosted by Warren Doty and Alex Karalekas from 5 to 10 pm. All are welcome, and yes, this is free.

And here it is turkey time for those who continue this American ritual. My son Sawyer spent a day processing turkeys for the Good Farm with a crew of six, evenly divided between men and women. He was paid a day’s wages, fed a turkey and assorted salad lunch, and gained a vital skill for food preparation. I look forward to sitting down with family and friends, sharing food, watching the light change, and a having a quiet night. I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend of hanging out with people who care and you care about.

Head over to our library on Saturday, Nov. 28, when Up-Island Bead Makers return with newly finished wampum work for sale from 3 to 5 pm. Enjoy the exhibit of their history, and check out a movie or new cookbook. Also, get your holiday chocolates while Chilmark Chocolates is still open; it’ll be Dec. 19 before we know it.