Poet’s Corner: Tantrum


By Barbara Peckham

The wind is having a tantrum.

It whines and screams and

Howls around the house,

Tearing at the shingles,

Whacking the roof with branches,

Blowing porch chairs into a corner,

A loose cushion into a puddle

On the next block over.

It throws the recycle bin

Into the raspberry bushes

So cans and bottles litter the yard.

It sends trash can covers

Skittering across the road

To land against the fence.

It snaps tree limbs like pick-up sticks

And angrily summons the rain

To slash against the windows

With little icy pellets and

Drive water in under the sill

To form a puddle on the floor.

Probably tomorrow it will clear,

And we’ll all go outside

To clean up the debris.

But the mischievous, childish wind

Will have the last laugh —

Because who can punish the wind

For the mess it made!

Barbara Peckham has lived on Martha’s Vineyard since 2001. A retired teacher,in 2011 she published a book of poetry, “A Jar of Summer.”