Credit is due


To the Editor:

There was an unintentional omission in the story about me published in The MVTimes on Dec. 3 titled “Doris Ward and her 100 bricks.” I wish to correct this omission by saying that Melissa Patterson, the noted Island graphic artist of West Tisbury, tweaked it to perfection. I sat with Alex Morrison and created the original design of the memorial to Edgartown School, but it was Melissa who painstakingly sat with me and brought it to its final design. Please note that at this time I want to give due credit to her, as she worked hard to add her talent to this design.

Also, I would like to say thank you for the donations (checks) rolling in as a result of this story. I am so very pleased about this, and I look forward to more checks coming in as we press hard at our mark and reach our goal soon.

Doris Ward

Edgartown School Memorial