Police tactical team will train at Edgartown movie theater Thursday

Members of the Martha's Vineyard Tactical Response Team posed for a photo during a recent presidential visit. — Edgartown Police Facebook

The Martha’s Vineyard Tactical Response Team will engage in a training exercise at the Edgartown Cinemas on Main Street at approximately 11 am Thursday. The police exercise has been scheduled for some time, and is part of ongoing and regular training to ensure that the team remains prepared to respond to emergency situations, not a response to recent terrorist attacks, Edgartown Police Sergeant Craig Edwards said. Thursday was the only day there is not a matinee.

The TRT is drawn from police departments across the Island and provides Island communities with “a flexible and effective response to unconventional and high-risk law enforcement incidents to increase the likelihood of a safe resolution,” according to the Edgartown Police Department website.

Incidents that would require a response from the team include a barricaded suspect, a hostage situation, or a sniper. The unit could also get involved in serving high-risk searches, where a warrant has been issued and the suspect is believed to be violent or likely to use weapons.

“Team members will work in conjunction with theater personnel and Edgartown police officers to develop and practice response protocols to emergencies that could take place at the theater,” according to a press release.

Police underscore that the event is only a training exercise and that there is no emergency at the theater. Edgartown Cinemas will reopen for business after the training exercise.