Manmade Mill Pond


To the Editor:

The ongoing insanity over the keeping or the getting rid of the Mill Pond in West Tisbury really seems to get people worked up. Now, I can see the logic of removing the Mill Pond; after all, it is a manmade structure, and that seems to be a key point in the discussion.

Of course, if we are removing the dam because it was manmade, and going back to nature, then we have to consider some other things as well.

The seawall at North Bluff in Oak Bluffs is in the news; this was certainly manmade and should be left to disappear at the ocean’s whim.

How about the many bridges that go over the creeks and streams we all want to save? They aren’t natural; remove them.

The paved roads that are all around were made by man. We should not do any more paving/repaving.

How about the telephone/electric poles throughout the Island? Certainly these are offensive to look at and should be taken down.

I won’t go on about all the things manmade that are all about us. It’s just as silly to get rid of all of them as it is to take away the Mill Pond, which has been the symbol of the town and in place for many, many years.

Bill Haynes

West Tisbury