Tisbury: Community Suppers Begin


I told someone that it seems to me that I have been complaining a lot, and that I need to start paying attention to all the good things happening in my life. I declared that I should start to be more positive. Then a friend suggested I try that as a New Year’s resolution … but that’s tomorrow!

Could you believe the folks who were actually swimming in the ocean on Christmas Day? They did not even claim to be Polar Bears. Seriously, I understand the water was not that bad, and most of the swimmers found it all exhilarating and said they were happy to have the chance. Some parts of global warming do not seem so awful.

I want you to know that Christmas dinner at Grace Church was delicious. And it was great fun, with carols and lots of old friends as well as new. It was the perfect site for Donald’s limitations, and such a treat for him to get out. It was his first meal not in the hospital or at home in nearly three months. Someday you should hear his memories of some really bad hospital food. Of course, the problem was that he was comparing these institutional menus with the very good stuff offered by our own hospital. Our chef is to be commended. Perhaps the other hospitals would have preferred not to hear Donald’s rehearsal of that quite so often.

And don’t forget: Grace Church will sell lobster rolls for New Year’s Day lunch. Lobster rolls are $18 and available Friday, Jan. 1, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm or until sold out. Call 508-693-0332 for advance orders.

As a reminder: Grace Church will serve its first Community Supper of the winter on New Year’s Day, tomorrow, from 5 to 6:30 pm. All are welcome for this hearty meal. It is free, warm, and nutritious. Community suppers will be served every Friday evening through March at Grace Church. Yes, this is all happening on New Year’s Day at Grace Church.

Community suppers will be served by the Methodist Church in Edgartown on Monday at 5 pm at St. Andrew’s Church. Tuesday soup suppers are at 5 pm at the Chilmark Community Church. The First Congregational Church offers supper at 5:30 pm on Wednesday. On Thursdays the suppers at St. Augustine’s begin at 5 pm. Community supper at Oak Bluffs in the parish hall of Trinity Methodist begin at 5 pm on Saturdays. Beginning a week from Sunday, Jan. 10, the Federated Church in Edgartown offers a lasagna lunch from noon to 2 in the parish hall. See your neighbors and make new friends, and enjoy a hot meal. Make sure you thank the volunteers serving you.

Some attend several dinners at various churches throughout the week, saying that the suppers are a way to connect and socialize.

As the temperatures dropped on Monday morning, I began to fear our springlike weather had come to an end. It is kind of Mother Nature to give us back a few warm days before winter begins for real.

Porter Fraser is a member of the Photography Club at the Vineyard Haven library. He has been enjoying this hobby since high school. Through January he will be sharing some of his photographs of varied subjects with you. Some of his color photos are on display for the month of January in the stacks at the library. We are so fortunate to have so many talented artists in our community.

This Sunday at 11 am you are invited to hear Susan Klein speak about “The Nature of Giving” during the morning worship service at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Martha’s Vineyard. All are welcome.

Susan Klein also invites you to save your memories of Mama’s coffeecake and other delicious family recipes in a new family cookbook. Her classes begin a week from today. Call Susan at 508-693-4140. She says, “What about that childhood favorite that snaps the lid off memories and makes you grin all over?” The workshop is called “Dash o’ This — Pinch o’ That.” You know, my mother cooked like that. I’d hate to try to duplicate some of her recipes. Maybe Susan will have a bake-off, and visitors can come and ask for recipes!

We were so happy to have our granddaughters arrive for a few days. We were afraid the predicted storm would drive them away, but were very happy they came. We did understand the boat trips were a little more exciting than usual. And we are so grateful that their father did wonders with all the assorted repairs and problems he was needed to deal with.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Mark Kurth, Steve Bernier, and Jeremy Rockman — Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! On Saturday, wish the best to John Chapman. Romeo Bonelli parties on Monday. Tuesday belongs to Roberta Kirn. Taylor Higgins claims Wednesday as her special day.

Heard on Main Street: Have a very healthy and happy New Year.