Sunday Morning, Vineyard Style


By Nancy Langman

Rooster crowing
getting loud
sky lightening
Ne’er a cloud

Cat purring
Snuggled tight
He’s been there
Through the night

Dog sleeping
Foot of bed
All that I see
Is her head

Birds chirping
Fewer now
As winter
Bends the bough

Snow falling
Lightly here
Barely sticking
Soon to clear

Hubby snoring
Very softly
Soon to awaken
To smell of coffee

Animals begging
To be feed
Rise and shine
Out of bed

Sunday morning
Treasured time
Read the paper
Football pastime

Do some cooking
Pay some bills
Measure out
The week’s pills

Go to Zumba
Take a hike
Read a book
Ride the exercise bike

Not a care
Or a worry
Soon it’s Monday
Better hurry

Nancy Langman is a self-employed health care professional who dabbles in poetry and lives in Vineyard Haven with her husband, two cats, and a dog.