Real Estate Transactions: January 11 – 15, 2016



Jan. 11, Linda J. Wank, successor Personal Representative of the estate of Mary Elizabeth Cronkite, sold 2 Boulders End to Linda J. Wank, trustee under the will of Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr., for $850,000.

Jan. 14, E. Barrington Stott, a/k/a Edward B. Stott, trustee of the Martha S. Stott Trust under the Will of Martha S. Diener, sold Lot 18 off Hancock Beach to Alan and Jill Rappaport for $500,000


Jan. 11, Barbara Lebey sold 26 Schoolhouse Rd. to Richard E. and Jane Brody for $975,000.

Jan. 12, Norman and Margaret Rankow sold 6 Field Club Drive to R. Bradford Malt, trustee of SLE Nominee Trust, for $1,200,000.

Jan. 13, Arthur Yorke Allen, trustee of the Athearn House Nominee Trust, sold 1 Plantingfield Lane to Athearn Acquisition LLC for $9,375,000.

Jan. 14, Charles J. Regan and Patricia R. Ryan sold 70 Norton Orchard Rd. to Joseph E. and Elena M. Blatt for $550,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 11, Olive Tomlinson, trustee of the Olive Tomlinson Living Trust, sold 34 Norris Ave. and 7 Windy Hill to James G. and Claudette I. Mullen, trustees of the Burma Realty Trust, for $350,000.

Jan. 13, Bradford J. and Raymond H. Fauteux sold 51 County Rd. to Raymond H. Fauteux for $50,000.

Jan. 14, James A. Ryan, a/k/a James A. Ryan, Jr., trustee of Ram Realty Nominee Trust, sold 19 Circuit Ave. to Ryan Family Amusements, Inc. for $3,500,000.

Jan. 14, Adam Barmakian sold 2 Wing Rd. to Robert M. Hagerty and Grace A. Bociccio for $620,000.

Jan. 14, Walter L. and Jayne C. Isaacs sold 115 Dukes County Ave. to Jason L. and Robbin L. Cray for $371,476.


Jan. 13, Jacqueline Noel sold 99 Summer St. to Daniel J. Seidman, trustee of 99 Summer Street Realty Trust, for $450,000.

Jan. 14, John M. Wilbur, 3rd and Beth Saint Amour sold 15 Fairfield Ave. to William L. Mueller, 3rd for $300,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 15, Carl E. Magnuson, Jr., trustee of Carl Realty Trust, sold 71 Carls Way to Peter and Rachel Sorrentino for $2,825,000.