Tisbury: Black History Month


That was a very interesting storm. And I foolishly thanked the Town for clearing our road — when they didn’t. Instead, it was cleared by a wonderful neighbor. We do have incredible neighbors.

I wasn’t too happy when the trash truck got stuck crossways across our road. Not only could I not drive by, I could not walk by the truck to get home. So the kind driver shoveled a path to our cellar door. And a few hours later the gas truck delivered our heat because there was this neat path. Last year we had to find someone to clear a path when we ran out of gas. I need to remember to count my blessings.

Plan ahead: The Martha’s Vineyard League of Women Voters invites you to celebrate Black History Month, a week from this Saturday at 10 am at the Oak Bluffs Library. Patricia J. Williams will be speaking about “No Laughing Matter: Elections Are Serious Business.” She says, “The globalization of racial fear … packaged as entertainment … [can be a] powerful coalescing political [force in its] own right.” She is a professor of law at Columbia, and a graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard Law School.I look forward to hearing her.

I am enjoying her book “Open House.” This has stories of her fascinating family as well as essays on timely subjects, all written in a delightful style. Ms. Williams also writes a column called “Diary of a Mad Law Professor,” covering issues of social justice for The Nation.

While marking your calendar, you might want to include a couple of specials at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society: the opera “Le Nozze di Figaro” at noon on Feb. 21, and the Oscars party on the evening of Feb. 28 — more at mvfilmsociety.com, or call 508-696-9369.
If you know any college students looking for paid summer internships, refer them to jess@mvfilmsociety.com.

ACE MV is offering a workshop to help professional landscapers earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Homeowners are welcome too. The topics include how to read a pesticide label, as well as tick and mosquito management. That’s Saturday, March 5, from 9 to 4 at the Tisbury Emergency Services Facility. This class is for landscapers who have their Massachusetts pesticide applicator’s license. The aim is to ensure educational opportunities for Islanders that promote responsible usage of pesticides.

There will be a class on fertilizer application later this spring. Because of new regulations, all Islanders need a license to spread fertilizer. More at acemv.org.

Next Wednesday, learn why “It’s Time to Ban the Plastic.” Samantha Look and the Vineyard Conservation Society will present a program about banning single-use disposable plastic bags. This program is at 6 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library (not the senior center).

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Everyone says it’s easy to renew your license or registration online. And it is. What a treat to have a government contact be so stress-free. At least until I start to worry about why the paperwork has not arrived yet.

Today at 4 pm, hear Dan Waters talk about some special things at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Last year the museum published “Island Stories” which details 50 of the wonderful items in the museum. Want to know more? Visit the museum to learn about some of them. The program is free, and copies of this book will be available.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Rosemary Brown and Pamela Campagna on Saturday. Dan Harnen parties on Sunday. Wish the best on Wednesday to Joan McDonough.

Heard on Main Street: Be someone who makes you happy.