Martha’s Vineyard youth hockey hits the road

These players represented the Martha's Vineyard Mariners in Canada: From left, back, Elias Gundersen, Cam Geary, Oliver Lively, Matt Pouliot, Will Bruguiere, Richard Combra, Nick Rego. Front, Jack Lionette, Noah Smith, Finn Lewis, and Dylan Biggs. Not pictured: Jake Scott. — Photo Courtesy of Heather Quinn Lionette

The young players on the Island’s PeeWee Wales youth hockey team headed to Gillette Stadium last Wednesday for a day of 4×4 pond hockey. The weather was perfect, and the focus was on fun. The following players represented the Martha’s Vineyard Mariners: Ava BenDavid, Jake Cleland, John Coogan, Harper Hearn, Charles Lakis, Finn Lewis, Nicholas Pecoraro, Ruby Reimann, Jacob Silvia, Graham Stearns, and Mike Wallace.

The Peewee Smythe team also took their game on the road to Montreal, Quebec, to participate in the Canadian Cup. It was a four-day tournament with amazingly well-matched competition. Organizers said it was impressive to see our small program compete against some of the best Canadian teams around. Memories were made far beyond the hockey experience. The following players represented the Martha’s Vineyard Mariners: Dylan Biggs, Will Bruguiere, Richard Combra, Finn Lewis, Cam Geary, Elias Gundersen, Jack Lionette, Oliver Lively, Matthew Pouliot, Nicholas Rego, Jacob Scott, and Noah Smith.