Oak Bluffs: I will support intelligence and common sense


Soft blue skies and warmth in the mornings ending with fire-red sunsets and colder air in the evenings are not to be complained about. At least we have some breathless views to gaze upon while being bombarded by political campaigning all around us. I seldom watch TV now, except for PBS, as I have had it up to my neck hearing “how wonderful” all these intelligent people are, when in reality they are unable to get it all together enough to allow well-functioning government processes to carry on. And the immature name-calling that many of the candidates indulge in sounds like recess at a preschool, although that would not be allowed there. And then throughout the day and into the evening, my cell phone and landline ring constantly in attempts to sway my vote. I will support intelligence and common sense. Anyone out there?

It seems impossible, but the Friends of Oak Bluffs has been working to help beautify Oak Bluffs for more than 30 years. This organization began in the early 1970s with a small group headed by the late David Healy. With help from the highway and parks departments, they have enhanced many areas of our town. Look around and you see the evidence of their hard work: park benches, lanterns along the harbor, Lake Avenue, Nashawena Park, and Alley Community Park. For information regarding this organization, or applications to purchase or donate benches or lanterns, you can go to the Oak Bluffs town website.

The Island schools are closed the remainder of this week for the annual winter break. This offers the opportunity for some families to vacation off-Island together, while others are enjoying a “staycation” right here at home. School will resume on Monday, Feb. 29.

The fifth-grade classes will enjoy a field trip to New Bedford and Symphony Hall on Tuesday, March 1. The following Tuesday, March 8, there will be a noon dismissal for a staff professional development day.

Ninety-six MVRHS freshmen recently visited the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, toured the archives, and chose a picture of children that spoke to them from the museum’s collection. For the past six weeks, the students used the pictures to inspire creative writing pieces. The result is the “Kids in the Archives” exhibit. The opening reception will be on Tuesday, March 1, from 4 to 6 pm. This exhibit includes the top 20 literary pieces chosen by the students’ teachers. Short stories, letters, poems, and other creative pieces will be on display alongside the archival images that inspired them.

Our Martha’s Vineyard Cancer Support Group provides temporary and emergency financial assistance to year-round cancer patients and their families. They are the sole sponsor of the annual daffodil sales fundraiser that will be taking place on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Edgartown Stop and Shop, Cronig’s in Vineyard Haven, Reliable Family Market, and the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital gift store will be selling bunches of daffodil buds for $10 on this day. Preordered bunches will be distributed on March 16. For more information about daffodil time, log on to mvcancersupport.org.

We send birthday smiles to Benjamin Peters, Wendy Macy, and Linda Rice on Feb. 25, Earl Peters on the 27th, Heather Ferreira on March 2, and Reggie Holland Kusyewski and Kathie Case on March 3rd.

Enjoy your week. Peace.