Tisbury: Mail madness


I know it’s rude, but I won’t miss all the Edgartown folks trying to get their mail at the Tisbury Post Office. The postal authorities seemed to take forever to understand how bad the situation was in the Edgartown building. Our own Post Office workers deserve plaudits for working with and through the entire mess. I do empathize with the Edgartown residents, and wish them well as they transition into receiving their mail at the Carnegie building for the immediate future.

Island kids will be delighted to hear that Island Cove Mini Golf opens this Saturday, and will be open from 10 to 6 every day through the school spring break. Dare we now hope we won’t see any more snow until next fall?

This month you can enjoy paintings by David Gray at the Vineyard Haven library. He sketches and uses watercolors for marine scenes and landscapes. The library also has a permanent collection of artworks that are displayed throughout the year, including 12 paintings by Vineyard artist Captain John Ivory. Artists interested in showing their work may call the library at 508-693-4210.

I assume that you, like many of our neighbors, are delighted to see sunshine and also tempted to leave the jacket in the closet. Somehow our Island spring is just not here. I remember one local telling us years ago that on the Island, spring is the next-to-last day of school. Then the next day is summer. Most years there is a great deal of truth in that forecast.

Of course, I was spoiled for over 20 years by living in the Washington, D.C., area. From April’s cherry blossoms through mid-June, the weather is delightful. Sad to say, spring there is unfortunately followed by a miserable summer, hot and humid.

Last year the Tisbury board of health adopted new fertilizer regulations. This really matters because lawn fertilizers can spoil our drinking water and damage our Island ponds. Homeowners are responsible for what is used and how it is used, even if you hire a professional. Be sure to ask if he or she has been trained in the new procedures. You can call the board of health at 508-696-4290 for specific information.

I do hope we have finished with the town meetings by the time you read this. Perhaps we have agreed on new liquor regulations, and may even have solved the plastic bag issue. I’d say I have hardly ever seen a plastic bag that was not used several times. However, we do owe it to our children and other living creatures to try to make our earth a safer place.

You are welcome to attend a guided meditation and discussion called “Meditation, Wellness, and Human Flourishing” with Elliott Dacher, M.D., on Saturday morning from 9 to noon at the West Tisbury Church parish hall. This session is described as “the biology of meditation: the mind-body connection.” There is no charge for this, but donations are requested. More at esd@elliottdacher.org.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Ann Lee and Mike McLaughlin. Happy birthday to Jack Rizza and Fran Griffin Gould on Saturday. On Sunday, wish the best to Ann Maley. Best wishes on Tuesday go to Rozetta Hughes, Thomas Green, and Bob Tankard.

Heard on Main Street: Friends are people who walk into your life by accident and remain part of your life on purpose.