Tisbury: Pledge of Allegiance


One of the best features of the Tisbury town meeting was just before it started, with the Scouts leading the voters in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Boy Scout at the microphone asked everyone to place the right hand over the heart. All stood. Soon two younger Boy Scouts entered, carrying the American flag and the flag of the Commonwealth. They were closely followed by a very young Girl Scout. After the state flag was put in its stand, the boy at the mike led the attentive audience in the pledge. I apologize that I could not find out the names of the kids involved, but they did a great job. We thank them for taking the time to get us started properly.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday. The hours are noon to 8 pm at the Emergency Services Facility (the new firehouse). The town meeting voters did not approve burying utility lines on Beach Road, so you can pass on that question. You must seriously consider supporting the borrowing to determine whether to rebuild the Tisbury School or build an addition and make some improvements. Our school does not have enough classrooms for our children, so something has to be done.

This earth is your home. Plant a tree on Saturday to celebrate Earth Day. You can also pick up those cans by the side of the road, and collect the nickels someone else threw away.

You’ve tried spring cleaning. Now try organizing. On Tuesday at 7 pm, the Vineyard Haven library offers an evening with professional organizer Paula Martin to learn how to organize your home. Paula will provide a simple plan to create space, reorganize, and stay organized. She suggests this will bring balance and harmony into your home and your mind.

Next Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm, enjoy a free cooking class with caterer Gia Rae. Gia will show how to prepare some favorite Moroccan dishes. You can sample the dishes and learn recipes to try at home. This series is presented through donations to the Vineyard Haven library in memory of Laurel Chapman. Seating is limited; sign up online at VHlibrary.org.

There will be free training for Jedi Knights on Saturday, April 30, at 2 pm at the Vineyard Haven library. A real Jedi Knight will take the children through a variety of Jedi challenges, including Jedi Force Magic, Laser Balloon Barrage, and Jedi Teamwork. Finally, there is a lightsaber duel with the Jedi Knight. Best for kids ages 4 to 9. Space is limited: Those who get there first will be admitted.

More exciting news from the Vineyard Haven library: Director Amy Ryan announced a $3,500 National Science Foundation grant for science programs for adults. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) are part of children’s education, but rarely offered for adults.

In the programs, to begin in 2017, attendees read a book selection, go to the library for a book discussion, then watch and discuss a short video where scientific ideas touched on in the book intersect everyday life. Thanks to our library for applying for this grant.

Anyone over 16 can participate in the annual Horseshoe Crab Mating Survey. Sign up for free training on May 7 from 1 to 3 pm at Felix Neck (508-627-4850), or just show up. Training at Felix Neck includes time indoors and walking on the beach at the swash line. Dress for the weather, and wear water-resistant boots or shoes appropriate to wear to the edge of the pond.

Horseshoe crabs mate and live on Island beaches. You can be part of the statewide monitoring. Surveys are on days around the new and full moons of May and June. Have you ever experienced walking the beach late at night? Help is needed. Call to find out the dates.

Rita Brown says the Martha’s Vineyard Bakery and Back Door Donuts opened last weekend for school break. After Saturday, the Back Door is only open Thursday to Saturday until mid-May. She reminds us they fry fresh apple fritters and doughnuts every morning if you miss Back Door hours. Now we know that summer is coming.

Call Featherstone if you want to submit a piece of art for the Annual Art of Flowers Show. This has to be a new work and marked for sale, to be displayed during May.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Judy Nichols, who shares this day with Queen Elizabeth II. The queen also enjoys an official birthday in June, with better weather. Tomorrow, wish the best to Becky Renear. Alexandra Habekost parties on Monday.

Heard on Main Street: I said old ladies prefer the smaller carts at Stop and Shop. They listened. Did you notice the new ones also have a cane holder?