Black Sheep: The local’s luncheonette

Takeout from the Black Sheep Luncheonette. —Marnely Murray

If you live and work in Edgartown, you’re probably a regular at Black Sheep Luncheonette. (The Luncheonette is the food-truck-style menu served during the shoulder season, while the Market is the full-service market open during the summer.) The Luncheonette’s daily offerings range from Mexican-inspired meals on Mondays to noodle bowls on Wednesdays, to an ever-changing menu of sandwiches, salads, soups, and freshly baked treats.

Watching Chef Judy Klumick work is a pleasure — the way she interacts with her regulars and serves up tasty food with love and care. This will be the third full season since Chef Klumick took over the menu. “The creative freedom Mark [Venette] allows is what keeps me inspired and discovering new and exciting meals to offer,” Chef Klumick said. Mark Venette, owner of Black Sheep, was away traveling during the interview, but he spends months curating artisan food and beverage products for the store to carry. Described as a full-service market, Black Sheep carries not only artisan products, but also essentials. Whether you’re making a pancake brunch in your summer home (they carry pancake mix, eggs, and maple syrup) or you’re meal-prepping for a busy week, Black Sheep stays stocked with the necessities of everyday life and some of the best specialty products on the market. Their extensive cheese and charcuterie offerings are perfect for dinner parties.

During the off-season, they focus on the Luncheonette. But once summer kicks in, Black Sheep fills all sorts of needs. Offerings include dinner entrées, salads, and side dishes, ideal for when you’re short on time. “Every day’s a party in my head,” Chef Klumick says, when I ask her about her source of inspiration. Her goal is to strike a balanced dish with fresh, flavorful ingredients. In the warmer months, she sources most of her produce from local farms, always accommodating the needs of shoppers. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, or you name it, she can whip up something special for you.

Patti Canha chimes in during the interview. In her fourth season, she’s Mark’s right-hand woman. “It’s like hosting a cocktail party all day,” she says with a smile on her face. Mingling with guests and catching up with the latest town news, all while tending to orders, is what makes this a fun place to work. Chef Klumick and Ms. Canha both agree — the rhythm of their teamwork is perfect, and watching them work is like watching choreography.

Black Sheep Luncheonette is currently open Monday through Friday from 11 am until 3 pm. Once Memorial Day weekend arrives, Black Sheep Market will open. Follow them on Facebook for their daily menu updates: