Prom, as always, is enchanting: Slideshow

Prom, 2016. Ernie Boch Jr., who hosted the pre-prom photo shoot, kneels in the center. –Photos, Ralph Stewart

Complete with sparkly dresses and tuxes, the class of 2017 gathered at Ernie Boch Jr.’s house to take pictures and kick off their prom night.  “Pictures were probably the best part,”Ashley Wood said; “nothing can top the pictures. Ernie Boch’s house is gorgeous. Eli and I were running around trying to get as many pictures as possible with the people we liked. We couldn’t take a decent picture once, we were just laughing so hard.”

 “Seeing my prom date and all the girls and guys dressed up and looking fancy is a great feeling, Ben Nadelstein said. “Seeing students in tuxes and dresses is really amazing.”

At the dance, the Sailing Camp Park was decked out in blue, silver and white. The theme was nautical: there were lanterns and ferry lights hanging from the ceiling. “I think they did a good job decorating it,” Ali Barlett said. “There were little toys on the table that my date really liked. He ended up playing with the toys more than dancing with me, but it kept him occupied.”

This year, in addition to prom king and queen, the class crowned a prince and princess. King went to Alex Figueroa and queen went to Danielle Hopkins. Prince went to Auguste Pizzano and princess went to Violet Kennedy.