Tisbury road lines will be painted in the coming weeks

No painted centerlines to speak of at five corners. — Sam Moore

With lane lines on some Tisbury town roads faded away to a scant yellow, Tisbury town administrator Jay Grande said Monday that painting will commence in the next one to two weeks.

After noticing the road lines — or lack thereof — Mr. Grande said he discussed the situation with Department of Public Works staff at a recent infrastructure meeting. Previously, the town painted road lines in the fall.

“I’m trying to change that this year,” Mr. Grande said. “I wanted to get us into the same cycle, what you would normally expect, which is a spring painting.”

Although it was an unexpected project, the DPW was able to find funding and make adjustments to ensure that the painting will be done prior to the busy summer season, with the exception of several roads which require a heated treatment prior to painting.

The state highway department is in charge of painting lines on State and Beach Road. The most obvious need is the section of roadway between Five Corners and Camp Street, which includes marked turning lanes for Main Street.

“They were supposed to start their painting this week, but they’re probably going to be off a little with the weather that’s coming,” Mr. Grande said.