Getting down to local business

Sharky's Cantina hosted a MVRHS business class on May 23 to demonstrate business management. -Photo by Susan Safford

By Anna Keenan

Business students traveled to Sharky’s Cantina in Edgartown to learn about business management from the owner himself, J.B. Blau, on Monday, May 23. The students and their teacher, Anne Caldwell, discussed aspects of business management, including applying for a job, marketing, and business strategies, with J.B. over a meal.

Students were given tips about how to stand out on job applications, and how to keep a good reputation in the community. J.B. said, “Facebook, Twitter, whatever website it is, we will find it and we will check it out.” It was made clear that appearance on social media is a factor in reputation, and employers do look at your online profiles.

Junior Olivia Vanderlaske said, “What I’m taking away from this field trip is that if you want to pursue business, you can’t be afraid of messing up sometimes. Also, a strong handshake and eye contact are key during an interview.”

J.B. interacted with the students, asking them if they had any questions about business. He said, “Business is all about risk and reward. You make a lot of mistakes, but in the end, everyone should be benefiting from a deal.” HSV