Bridge notes


At the Edgartown Bridge Club on Monday, May 23, eight pairs competed. Finishing first were Mollie Whalen and Joe Ashcroft, followed by Diana Dozier and Gerry Averill in second. Tied for third place were Warren Morse, playing with Gail Farrish, and Vicki Bologna, playing with Jane Haley.

At the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club on Tuesday, May 24, 12 pairs competed in a special game. Overall winners were Mollie Whalen and Joe Ashcroft in first, followed by Gail Farrish and Warren Morse in second, Michel Riel and Dave Donald in third, Ency and Robert Fokos in fourth, and Carol Whitmarsh and Barbara Besse in fifth.

At the Island Bridge Club in West Tisbury on Thursday, May 26, 12 pairs competed. First place went to Duncan Walton and Richard Eubanks, followed by Dave Donald and Rich Colter in second. In a three-way tie for third place were Mollie Whalen playing with Joe Ashcroft, Deirdre Ling playing with Ed Russell, and Barbara Silk playing with Bea Phear.

Additional results newly posted from the previous week include the May 15 game at the Edgartown Bridge Club, where seven pairs competed. Joe Ashcroft and Mollie Whalen finished in first place. Tied for second place were Duncan Walton playing with Richard Eubanks, and Ken Judson playing with John O’Keefe. At the May 17 game of the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club, nine pairs competed. First place went to Bea Phear and Cecily Greenaway, followed by Richard Williams and John O’Keefe in second, Dan and Nancy Cabot in third, and Ency and Robert Fokos in fourth.

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