Edgartown: Carry the Fallen MV 2016


I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. The weather on Saturday and Sunday could not have been nicer. I was lucky enough to spend some time at the beach, which is most definitely my happy place. On Sunday, I ended up sewing patches on one of Riley’s cadet uniforms while sitting on a bench at the Inkwell. As I was on mom-taxi duty, I didn’t know exactly where and when I was going next, so I just decided to take my sewing stuff with me and find a place to work. And a glorious place to work it was. This Island of ours may have some shortcomings, particularly with regard to traffic and overcrowding, but we certainly are lucky to have such a beautiful place to call home. I decided this weekend that I really need to take more advantage of the beauty and magic she has to offer, and focus much less on the drawbacks.

On Sunday, approximately 30 men and women took part in Carry the Fallen MV 2016. You may have seen them on their journey as they ruck-marched 26 miles carrying up to 30 pounds of gear to raise funds and awareness for the 22 veterans who commit suicide in our country each day. So far the team has raised about $3,900 toward their $10,000.00 goal. Congratulations to all who took part, including my son, Riley, and thank you for your efforts to help our veterans.

As part of a growing need for a community-wide response to the problem of opiates and addiction on Martha’s Vineyard, there will be a forum held on Monday, June 6, at the MVRHS Performing Arts Center from 7 to 9 pm. This forum is being organized by a coalition of community members and professionals, who represent all aspects of the issue from prevention through recovery. The forum will feature a panel of experts in the field as well as members of the recovery community. Topics of discussion will include: Understanding the disease of addiction; a presentation from members of the recovery community; available resources and data on Martha’s Vineyard; forming a community coalition; and Q&A with the panel.

This event is sponsored by the Aquinnah Police, Boards of Health, Break the Silence, Chilmark Police, Edgartown Police, Dukes County Commissioners, Dukes County Health Council, Dukes County Sheriff’s Department, Dukes County Substance Abuse Committee, Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Martha’s Vineyard Regional School District, members of the recovery community, Oak Bluffs Police, the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office, the Island Clergy Association, Tisbury Police, Vineyard House, West Tisbury Police, YMCA, and the Youth Task Force.

Next Tuesday, the Edgartown eighth graders head off for Washington, D.C.! It seems like we just started fundraising and planning about 15 minutes ago, and yet here we are. It’s such a great trip, and I know it sounds impossible, but the kids do seem to come home “different” after this trip. They seem more mature, more worldly, and realize that they are graduating from eighth grade in a few short weeks, and heading into a bigger world after nine years in the same place. That’s a lot of reality to sink into 13- and 14-year-old brains. I’m amazed we’ve made it through the year, and I can’t wait for the trip. Thanks for all the community support that helped us reach our goal.

I think the Island must officially be busy, because this is about the slowest news week I’ve had to date! Have a great week. Be sure to get me some news next week.